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Author Topic: Newcastle Let me down on my coupon  (Read 1994 times)

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February 01, 2010, 03:13:49 PM
Read 1994 times


Fucking useless Barcode fucking meffs
I wish I had a scanner so I could show you all but on my mini sections ( I do three a week) one with the lads in work,which is seperate and I will see how that got on later but I do  two from each on the sections list and two from each on the mini sections for myself, I always put draws in to bump the price up a bit and I only do a pound on each of the sections so here is what I had this week .

Chelsea away win
City away win
Cardiff home win
Sheff Wed home win
Brum, Spurs Draw
Hull, Wolves Darw
Everton Away win
Newcastle Away win

For the princely sum of 1.00 I would have got 266.19 back fucking Leicester down to ten men for an hour too, fucking T W A T
It's the roll I way