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Author Topic: Newcastle Let me down on my coupon  (Read 1872 times)

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February 04, 2010, 01:16:39 AM
Read 1872 times

Haile GAZrselassie

take it from me lads.

if you continue to back more than 3 teams on your acca's then you will be let down every time.

try upping ya stakes and keeping it to trebles and doubles.

or, like i do.

50 quid double on the pricewise selection in the racing post and a football team of your choice.

tom segal has an excellent return on his selections that are chosen for being big prices (anything up to 25/1 quite often) and seeing the horse come in.

so for instance this weekend. a 50 quid double on the pricewise selction (16/1 for discussion stakes) and everton (probs about 7/2) would return about 1700 quid.

or 2800. even. where the fuck i got 1700 from i do not know.  :bonk:
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