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February 04, 2010, 12:08:38 AM
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bloody scally

Not a hope in hell of another team winning the league in Scotland Rich. Despite how bad the Old Firm are just now, they are still head and shoulders above of the rest.

Its such a shame this way isn't it. The likes of Hibs and Motherwell that continue to improve and genuinly look good (compared to some of the misreble gash they've played down the years) and still aren't anywhere near the top challenging and most likely will never be. I think it will take a cap on wages and or transfer budgets for teams to eventually gave the level playing field to challenge.

February 04, 2010, 03:05:24 AM
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bloody scally

i would love tony hibbert to be at hibs. Ye i am a hibee, but the community and likes of pubs i drink in and around the stadium have the old hardfaced locals that have put up with so much shit it makes evertons 90s look like lyons dominant league years, these lot won't believe or get excited unless they are just teens, and over the years more so go there out of pittance rather than love for the team. I personally live in that piece of hope they can finish 2nd next year but the team will get split up in the summer. Im just glad my dad gave me the passport to everton because focusing on hibs would turn me depresive.

February 04, 2010, 04:15:23 AM
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bloody scally

I live just by from leith walk, no the disrtict is at the bottom of easter road (where i am now), the women there are that desperate for buisness if you drive through the are they run alongside the car and try get in if your going anything under 20mph, funny though because as soon as you travel further along port of leith is lovely. Drive past ocean terminal every day on way to college. Where bouts you from round Edinburgh Derek?

February 05, 2010, 01:54:02 AM
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bloody scally

Leith. My folks lived just near to Ocean Terminal is now, heading out towards the 4th Road Bridge. They moved South to Dumfries a while back and I moved to Glasgow a bit after that for University. I moved back to Edinburgh afterwards and was living on leith Walk and on Henderson Street (the wee tiny street the number 22 passes through) until 2008 when I decided to move abroad.

Managed to get back last November. Pretty much the only city in the UK I could imagine moving back to.

I know where you are, quite nice roundandabouts. Where are you now like?

Though you lived in the Shetland's Bludy?

Ye I moved down here for Uni, its great as I've swapped a nice place for another, just a big shock when you swap how bust a small street can be to an empty shetland high street in the summer. Where abouts are you from gash?