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March 29, 2012, 04:05:02 AM
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Seen a few people on here saying that and I certainly do not want to start picking on negatives after what was a brilliant team performance but that is completely opposite to what I saw. He is incredibly light weight and gets knocked off the ball easily - this happened repeatedly last night. He wants an age on the ball and gets caught napping - this also kept happening. He aavoids tackling, jogs back when play breaks down and is generally slowing play down. He has had some great games this season but last night was not one of them IMO.

i've got to say i was 50/50 on him last night. some nice through balls, lots of close control as usual and an excellent volley, but he did get brushed aside often as usual, held onto the ball a bit too much, i just never felt confident with him on the ball...but i did feel he may be able to create something.
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