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July 24, 2013, 11:12:59 AM
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know he played there quite a bit previously, but i don't think mirallas looked too clever on the left when he played there for us...would rather have him central or right.

i'd prefer moses to sinclair though, agree there.

Not sure what you were watching, had his best 45 mins in an Everton shirt on the left against the shite before they crocked him! He's been most threatening from the left, and where he scored all his goals from for his previous club. IMO RW is his weakest posistion.

July 27, 2013, 02:03:38 PM
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Donovan? That ship has surely sailed

I don't get this theroy, why has it sailed??

He's about to come a free agent and is till performing to a high standard. We need quality players, especially ones who can play multiple attacking posistions like he can.

If he'd recently signed a new contract again, I'd agree the ship has sailed. But he hasn't and looks very likely he wants to move on....and that most probably means to us as long as RM rates him.

July 31, 2013, 12:21:59 PM
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My god whats with......on a free and low wages we should "take the risk" like its some great opportunity ????

He's not even a very good player!!

August 01, 2013, 01:08:24 AM
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I seem to be the only person who witnessed him constantly give the ball away for large parts of last season.

When on form he's a good player who breaks the lay and picks passes for fun, but he's awful when off his game.

Can't say I recall Gibson being awfull in any games I've seen. Off his game a little like any other player but awfull never!!

Bargain of the century IMO. Worry how many games he can play mind.

August 02, 2013, 01:54:35 PM
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Don't think we need Dempsey anymore do we really?

August 02, 2013, 02:21:19 PM
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Like the look of this jorginiho lad. 21, so great age. 7M seems a fair price for such a talent and better value than others linked. Not keen on 20% sell on fee mind, don't think that's needed given the price. Looks to be able to play a few roles and would be a great squad player to rotate/back up with gibbo and Fellaini.

I'm sure we must have a big signing yet to do this summer!

August 06, 2013, 03:46:09 PM
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What people are missing is that yes we have 5 players who CAN play CM but feasibly some of them are very similar and don't do the defensive screening as well. Gibson and Felli are the main two who can play DM so yes we are one injury away from considering Heits in midfield again, and I would prefer it if we can secure an athletic DM as cover at least, if he can keep the ball ticking over as well even better.....

I would love Alderweireld, any chance of swapping Heits for him?

Agree. I think people get carried away with priority and order there signed. It's blatantly obvious that we need a deeper defensive midfield player. Fellaini and Gibson being our only 2. Osman is an Emergancy back up, especially in roberto's set up which is different to how moyes deployed his 2 CM players. Barkley another emergancy type in that role. Playing a back 3 is another option, which would mean you would only need 1 deeper CM.

I'm certain another deeper CM will come in before deadline day. Just because one hasn't yet, or the fact we could be after a CB doesn't mean it's being ignored. I imagine fellaini's situation has a bearing on who may come in....

Patience lads, I think we will be busy last couple of weeks of transfer window. Minimum of 2 players will come in, maybe up to 4.

Keep the faith!!

August 11, 2013, 12:42:15 PM
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Spurs are a real pain in the ass with transfers! They have the cash to sign all the players we want its so infuriating.

Wonder if Parker would be worth a punt on a cheap 2 year deal. Would provide very good cover for Fell/Gibbo and is a different type of CM than we currently have.

August 11, 2013, 01:14:00 PM
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You can't be serious... In terms of mediocrity Scott fucking Parker is up there with the best of them. If we're to progress as a club he is the kind of player we should be avoiding.

Think that's a bit harsh. Until his injury last season was a first choice club and country player. Previous season was voted in the shortlist for player of the year!

Not saying as a replacement for either our current CM but as back up and a player who is different to what we have, would IMO strengthen the squad.

Don't get me wrong I'd prefer to be signing your capoue's, mcarthy's, etc to come in to provide the backup, but we clearly ain't got that cash to be investing.
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