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Author Topic: Crystal Palace v Everton  (Read 51513 times)

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November 09, 2013, 11:23:38 PM
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May have been the day to go three at the back and had another player up top. Lukaku was isolated/frustrated all game.

We brought on two subs, but it didn't change how we were playing enough to make a difference.
Good shout. I didn't see the 1st half but the last 30 mis when we were totally dominant I think would have worked with Miralles up alongside Lukaku & Barkley just behind them.

November 10, 2013, 06:28:14 AM
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I do wonder if Martinez enthusiasm breeds some kind of apathy amongst some fans.

Wigan fans didnt seem too fussed that they eventually went down under Martinez. Not many calling for his head etc.

Sometimes its as though you're not allowed to criticise the fella coz he's nice and smiley and says the right things.

Todays performance was an absolute shambles. We should be absolutely destroying chumps like that with the players we have at our disposal. Its Martinez fault we didnt.

Lets not get too hysterical. There's not too much to criticise Martinez about. I was pissed off we didn't hammer Palace but they were going to get a result sooner or later. Chelsea drew with WBA; does that mean Mourinio should be getting loads of shit?

The EPL, this year, seems to be the most competitive for ages so you can't go away from home home and expect to hammer teams, even those as seemingly shit as Palace.

We played shite today but we're still up there, lets get a sense of perspective. With the money we spend we can only hope to be about 6th best in the division, depressing I know but that's modern footy