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February 01, 2014, 04:54:12 PM
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I wonder exactly how much we have for transfers in the summer?Brain storm post coming up so be warned!

Wasnt the Jelavic fee 5m possibly rising to 7?im guessing he would have to score a certain number of goals or help Hull win a trophy in order for us to get the full amount.

There were loan fees for both Lukaku and Barry plus us paying at least 50% of the wages which I think people forget about. The Lukaku loan fee was 5mil alone

Heitinga went on a free transfer so we dont get any money for that. Though we do get a hefty wage of our books

Probably a loan fee was paid for Traore and an undisclosed amount for McGeady. Deulofeu wont cost us anything as long as he appears in 50% of our games which hopefully he will.

Plus we have tied a few players to new contracts, Baines particularly will cost us a lot of money.

 McCarthy and Kone were signed for a combined 18mil, roughly 10m cheaper than the Fellaini sale, and we got 6m for Anichebe

We also spent fees on Robles and Stanek and added Alcaraz on a free with presumably fairly modest wages

In - mccarthy 13, Kone 5, Lukaku 5, Robles 1, Stanek 1, McGeady 1

Out - Fellaini 27, Anichebe 6, Jelavic 5

So roughly weve spent 26mil on players and received 38

Leaving us with a 12mil difference still to spend before we factor in wage differences and Money from the TV deal

I'd expect the summer priority to be a Striker.possibly 1 permanent and 1 on loan. A renewal of the Deulofeu loan would be great plus Barry made permanent. I hope we have enough money to make this happen!

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