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January 22, 2019, 08:13:06 PM
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Like Messi, I doubt he actually knows much going on about his finances.

Surprised itís not his advisors/accountants in court

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Spurs are fucked now, no Kane or Ali til March, Son away til end of Feb

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Spurs are fucked now, no Kane or Ali til March, Son away til end of Feb

It'll be a big challenge, and they'll be going some if they can avoid dropping points but there is a lot averageness in the PL and even missing those players their side I'm sure has enough to go up against most of the dross in the PL.

Their win the other day was important, to prove they could do it without Kane and Son, but it's a momentum thing. If they start losing or drawing games then the confidence will drain a bit. Perhaps enough for the likes of Man United and Arsenal to catch up before the injured players come back.

Feels like a coin flip for me right now. They have 3 PL home games coming up next which is in their favour. However, they also have tough League cup, FA Cup and CL games...with the potential that they could drop out of all three, which clearly would be a big blow.

We'll see if Pochettino will regret not taking the Man United job by the end of the season when on offer.