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February 19, 2015, 04:34:59 AM
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That's the whole point BWS. The song IS about suarez and the 'innocent' campaign for him, as well as numerous other things. So it's very much on topic.

Racist abuse!? Is that the same type of racist abuse the kop dished out to the Oldham player before instantly going on to chant "luis Suarez" (even though he wasn't even in the squad) when the player confronted your fans?

Haha - "the Kop".  Despite the fact it was one person single voice!  Tut, tut Eddie.

But yeah, that type of racist abuse.

February 19, 2015, 04:36:06 AM
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Major Clanger

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I'm not on about purposely seeking them out and singing in front of them.  I'm saying if they could hear you sing it perhaps, would you quieten down or stop altogether?  If not then that's fine, you honestly don't think the song is in any way related to Hillsborough.  I just thought what with the media and people recently relating that song to Hillsborough (again, rightly or wrongly) that some of you might have thought twice about singing it,or even stopped singing it at all.

As for the other examples you've given, you've missed the point I was trying to make.  What I was trying to say is that for some people when they write things down (maybe on a forum or on Twitter) they don't have a problem with it.  But if they knew their mum was reading it they may think twice about writing the same thing down, or not even write anything at all.  So, similarly with the singing of the song, would they do it if the victims family could hear them?  That's the point I was trying to make.  I think it's called the 'mom test' or something.

Fair enough then, I misunderstood your point.

No, I genuinely don't think it is about Hillsborough at all and I don't really give a damn about what artificial moral outrage the media tries to peddle today. I'd go even further, I know I'm not singing it about Hillsborough. I believe very strongly that no-one should ever die just because they went to a football game. Not Liverpool fans, not Juventus fans, not Rangers fans, not Spartak Moscow fans, not El Ahly fans, nobody. As many other people on this board, I signed the petition for the inquiry, I donated, last year I wrote about Hillsborough on my Hungarian blog to educate people my fellow countrymen about why it's still an important issue, Don't get me wrong, I'm not boasting, I know it's not too much and I could've done more.

But all that means I find it a bit offensive that there may be people out there who would think that I would disrespect anyone who was an innocent victim of a football match, just because I happen to sing a song that the gutter media can deliberately misconstrue for their own financial gain.

I can deal with it of course but it still irks me.
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February 19, 2015, 04:42:26 AM
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Haha - "the Kop".  Despite the fact it was one person single voice!  Tut, tut Eddie.

But yeah, that type of racist abuse.

it was the "we piss in each other's pockets" kop that's started chanting a racists name as the Oldham player was going nuts.

The difference between evertonians and you lot is that nobody is under the illusion evertonians are angels. You lot would defend fred west if he was a red.
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February 19, 2015, 04:46:13 AM
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Audrey Horne

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Must be great being 'big and 'ard' like your captain and singing a racists name while a young lad cries after being racially abused.

Tom Adeyemi Racially Abused - Liverpool vs Oldham
I have to return some videotapes.

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February 19, 2015, 04:56:31 AM
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I don't think there's a lot else can be added to this thread.

We're going round in circles again with a debate that was had 14 months ago in another thread. BWS has his opinion, wrongly, on what it means, most Evertonians have their opinion on what it means and to come on to an Everton forum and try and fight his corner is never going to change people's opinion and it should be no surprise to be met with an argument. It's just disappointing that after all this time and given the outcome the last time the same route is being chosen, so unfortunately yet another thread is being locked.