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Author Topic: Stoke City v Everton  (Read 40734 times)

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March 03, 2015, 06:17:37 PM
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Coleman Stones Jags Garbutt
McCarthy Barry
Lennon Lukaku Mirallas

feel a draw in my head, but the old ticker says 3-0 the blues.

I would like that team but with Besic replacing Barry or McCarthy.

Hopefully we will see Lennon and Mirallas starting but I imagine it will be the same old line-up with Naismith as one of the 'wide' players.

March 03, 2015, 07:28:31 PM
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IMO no one should replace McCarthy

and as much as i like besic, i'm also worried about how long he takes on the ball, and i think those passes he attempts, gibson can pull off a bit better.

so maybe lose barry for gibson in a deep playmaking / possession carrying type role, and have gibson and mccarthy behind Barkley who plays a sort of free box-to-box role?

it's all gone very FIFA career mode in this post.

I agree about McCarthy but Martinez does not like to rest Barry.

I wouldn't play Barkley in this game as he seems to be knocked of confidence, I'd bring him back for the European game next week.

Lets just hope we play with 2 wide players and try and stretch Stoke's defence - I imagine they will sit back and make it very hard for us to break them down.

March 03, 2015, 07:40:47 PM
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Don't know.

They're doing well and will see us as another 3 points, form wise.

It'd be a brave tactic, although probably correct, to sit back at home to a team with 1 win in 11.

I think pride might make them attack.

You're right, it's a tough one to call.

Any other season I would expect us to be the favourites for the match with them sitting back but they may see us as a sitting duck this season and think if they attack we are likely to concede.

At this stage I will take a scrappy 1-0 or 2-1 win - we just need the points.