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March 27, 2016, 02:45:38 PM
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Carrick is finished imo. If we were still in the begging and borrowing era with no money, then beggars can't be choosers and you'd take a risk he can maybe still offer something.

Hopefully we'll be using money wisely and buying players on their way up rather than players on their way down.

April 27, 2016, 11:43:12 PM
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Our most important signing this summer will be a manager. That will be our statement of intent.

This squad/team really doesn't need THAT much.

A quality proven manager, who can then add a couple of quality players and perhaps a couple of others and were set for next season imo.

May 05, 2016, 02:40:43 PM
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Don't know about Rooney these days. He's looking a shadow of the player he once was.

For such a big outlay in both fees and wages not sure it would be the best move myself.

I wouldn't want him starting ahead of Barkley as a 10.

May 05, 2016, 03:06:31 PM
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Personally think for Barkley to improve he needs to not be the number ten

Im not advocating a move for Rooney, more that we could do with a ten so Barkley can play deeper

Always believed Barkley was destined to play deeper eventually but he needs to do a lot work. Shed some of that muscle, work harder and develop a bit of a tackle.

Although I do think a new manager will bring that out in him.

May 16, 2016, 02:32:42 PM
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Not sure small forwards are the future. Although suppose it depends on the manager and style.

Is he a central striker or does he play from a side in a 3 usually?

May 24, 2016, 06:11:34 AM
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Joe hart for 40m

That's got to be the craziest rumour I've ever heard!

Maybe we are getting Pelligrini !!

May 24, 2016, 06:17:47 AM
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With stones what I find bizarre is that every thing that could be classed as half error gets pounced upon. Or anytime takes a slight risk its get labelled what happened if he had lost it??

Yet smalling on Saturday in the final was awful, made a load of mistakes got 2 stupid bookings and should have cost United the trophy. He is meant to be the best England centre back at the moment and nothing is mentioned. If we'd been in the final and stones had given a pass away in our half the whole pundit panel would have been going if that was in the euros England could be out because of him he needs to learn. Yet smalling gets ignored and move on.

Not saying they should go over the top and slaughter smalling because he has had a good season and it's ultimately one game. It's just the ignorance of that and because it is flavour of the month to criticise what stones might do wrong. Yes he has things to learn and i think he will over the coming years, but he is 21 with 100 top level games behind him at centre back what happened to the countries (and some sections of our fans) attitude of let's let him develop guide him in the right way and not try and force the proactive footballer he is out of him and ruin what could make him one of the very best of his generation in his position?

There is a way of coaching and guiding him, on the training ground with the manager and coaches and on the pitch with his team mates. Certainly not every man and his dog having a pop at every slight thing he does wrong. Lee Dixon even tried to blame him on Sunday for danny rose not holding his position properly saying stones should have seen rose making a mistake coming. Can't spend all game assuming someone is going to mess up, mind you maybe you should when next to danny rose.

It's what happens when young players don't play for One of the darling clubs mate.

Everytime Barkley loses the ball (which in comparison is not much) there all over him. Yet Rooney Wiltshire and a string of others can do it and nothing is said.

They will turn on deli alli before long!

How sterling has got away with no critism is behond me.

May 24, 2016, 01:33:37 PM
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I imagine a Wilt Shire is a region of Middle-Earth where Hobbits go to die.

Dam predictive wording on my phone!!

June 05, 2016, 01:54:01 PM
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What do u recon Butland would realistically cost if we went for him??

I'm imagining stoke would be asking mega bucks!

June 09, 2016, 12:58:50 PM
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I think the danger is that you're trying to replicate too much of what happened before.

The obvious problem is that this is more than very difficult without the exact same bunch of players.

It can also come across that the manager can only work with what he knows and that also he has little imagination.

Yeah agree with this. We don't need any Southampton players who will cost WAY over what they should just because it's us and keoman.

Prefer Butland to forester anyway. Either way, there are plenty of equals if not better comparable players to anything Southampton have.

Leave it be

June 09, 2016, 11:42:19 PM
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I will be massively disappointed if we start signing Southampton players to plug gaps or replace any out going big names.

That is NOT the work of a club reborn.

If you remember how city had to go about it (of course we ain't got that money) but they were taking big names who were maybe not so happy or playing enough games from big clubs. Or star players of teams with less money.

I would love VVD mind!! But just him!!

June 11, 2016, 01:23:11 PM
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Personally think stones would be mad to leave this year. With a legend defender coming in to manage the team. And a new owner with big ambitions moving forward.

Stones is pure potential at the moment. He cost us a lot of goals last season. Granted the poor lad was not helped by Martinez not knowing how to train defenders but still....his marking is poor, tactical awearness shocking!

The lad needs coaching properly whilst playing week in week out. He moves to any of the big 4 he won't be playing. They want to win the league, not let stones learn his trade making costly mistakes.

And the lure of pep at city, well I think shit will hit the fan there! Pep and his footballing philosophy will get a wake up call in the PL.

June 27, 2016, 11:32:23 PM
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Good replacement for G Barry.

Thought he was one of the few that was  actually good last season.

However, 35 people think Koeman will keep him and if so use him much?

I have a feeling he may tell him he's not in his plans. Starting a re-build seems a bit pointless with a guy who's 35.

I think they may come to a mutual decision for him to head off to America.

June 29, 2016, 01:53:04 AM
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I'm starting to get the feeling that Koeman isn't really going to make any big splashes. Maybe a keeper, but that's it. I kinda feel like he's just going to just shore up the team with guys like Nani and Sniejder, take stock, and then in January maybe make a big splash.

It's very difficult to just come into a team and start buying and selling players, and change a whole team in one summer.

Not sure what some are expecting (not meaning you personally mate)

whatever happened last season, this is still a squad that SHOULD of been challenging the top 4-6 last season. It's still on paper a very good squad.

Koeman has yet to meet his players or see them train, he doesn't even know if a couple of main guys are staying or going yet.

Apart from a GK, and maybe a player or two he's already identified as long term targets he admires, he's really got to see and asses the squad yet.

July 02, 2016, 12:45:08 PM
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20 goal a season strikers are like rocking horse shit. Especially when your currently a mid table club....

A Quality CB can be un-earthed in many a place.

IF we HAVE to lose one of them, well it's a no brainier. Keep Rom lose Stones.