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June 03, 2016, 02:19:56 AM
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Also can't ignore his ambitions either. To be the level of player he was and got to where he did in the game he must have had huge ambitions and belief to be one of the best in his position in the era. He won't have lost that when being a manager and I presume one of the reasons he'd leave soton would be because he might see them having a ceiling of 6th-8th every season and see the potential in us as being far greater and believe in himself to get us there. I don't think he'd just see it as another club he can finish 7th in and earn more money for doing that, initially maybe but with the potential to take that further.

Both seasons at soton he has talked up going for for top 4 not hid away from it saying top 7 is good when nobody would have been critical for him hiding away from possibilities so maybe a sign of what he wants to achieve.

June 03, 2016, 05:17:13 AM
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How many Jack Butland's can we buy with 165m?

Won't matter when joe hart comes in for 40m....

June 03, 2016, 04:56:10 PM
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What an absolutely underwhelming choice as manager. Just shows the lack of intent and ambition as the club. I wanted someone who had won a league championship or at least a European trophy. That would make a statement.

This is a complete white flag. A total let down.

Why could we not get Emery?

Maybe he didnt want to come? At a good club in Spain where he is in the champions league. And a good chance at least one of Atletico or Real Madrid wont have a manager in 12 months time and will be in the running for either job.

Anyway, you say you want someone who was won a league title...Koeman has won 2 as a manager and 8 as a player!

June 03, 2016, 07:57:15 PM
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I think stats as a player mean sweet F A.  Gary Neville being a prime example.

I am beginning to think stats in general mean fuck all, they can be twisted and interpreted any way you want.
For example:

I think Koeman actually won 3 league titles, but they were all in Holland. Steve McClaren done well in Holland.

See what I mean?

I agree, winning titles anywhere doesnt guarantee anything. However my point was tom was saying its an underwhelming appointment because he wanted someone who has won league titles....which Eredivise or not he has still won them.

June 03, 2016, 09:56:01 PM
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Remember Ipswich doubled Bobby Robson's salary and that was the end of his interest in us. Southampton can stop it if they want to.

If Southampton offered to double his wages, that would still be 60k a week less than we are reportedly offering him!

June 05, 2016, 04:21:56 PM
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There is really nothing to suggest that Guardiola will be a success though. Been with 2 teams chock full of world class players and hasn't set the world alight at Bayern. Sure they've won the league with him but so he should do with those players, i reckon top 3 will be the best for them next season. I'm cautiously optimistic about Koeman, done very well at Southampton a much smaller budget than he's about to get. Looking forward to next season, it could be very interesting.....

I can't wait for the day when in 3 seasons winning 3 league titles, 2 cups, a European super cup, club World Cup and averaging 86 points (with 4 games less than we have...) is seen as not setting the world alight regardless of how good the team is.

June 05, 2016, 07:58:38 PM
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He didn't win the Champions league, simple as that. That's what he was brought there for and he failed. He SHOULD have won it with that team, he had 3 attempts. That good enough for you?

Would he have expected to win it in those 3 years? Yes no doubt about it.

But it's not as though it's easy to win it so gets classed as a failure because they didn't. Bayern have won it once in 15 years and twice in the last 40, and they are an absolute powerhouse and one of the all time great clubs so not like they have dominated and it stopped when he came in.

They absolutely dominated that league 3 years in a row, hardly lost any games but it was the manner in which they won and how much better they were than anyone else which is the legacy he has left. The people at Bayern expected a champions league, but they still see his time as a success because of the methods he employed and they believe he lifted the players tactical awareness and mindset to another level and left them in an unbelievable place.

I agree city is his hardest job yet because of the competitiveness of the league and the team isn't in the same place as Bayern when he took over.

But he is a brilliant coach, we will see that this season and for sure be his biggest test yet.

June 06, 2016, 12:55:30 AM
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Speculation, I doubt Koeman has any solid transfer targets as yet. He's busy securing his future.

As for Stones, he would be mad to leave given that a former world class defender is on his way in to coach the team. If there's anyone who can undo Martinez's influence on Stones, it's Koeman.

I agree it could help in his decision and would be good for him.

But if he has the chance to go and play for mourinho who sets up the teams in an unbelievable shape and helped players like John Terry reach world class levels or play for guardiola where the defenders spend more time in the opposition half playing football than they do defending than as good a role model koeman would be it wouldn't necessarily have the same sway it could.

Aside from the money and opportunities in the now if he joins either of those 2, they are arguably the 2 best managers in the world which would be a massive pull for him.

June 06, 2016, 05:23:33 AM
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Why should this be a gradual process? This is the squad that people were saying should have been challenging for the CL at least last season and would have if it wasn't for the manager. Nothing's changed on that score Blargs, and he's supposed to have a 100m to add to it.

We should have been challenging, especially given how the season unfolded, but doesn't mean we should have definitely achieved it. The manager should have had us in that area of the table and if we were we'd have backed him, instead we were closer to the bottom 5 than top 5....

But things generally don't just happen overnight. City were a mid table side when mansour took over, they spent a couple of hundred million and finished 8th. They spent another couple of hundred million and finished 5th. They spent again and came 3rd and won the cup. The following season they won the league. And it's only last year 4 seasons after that title win that they made it to the knockout stages of the champions league.

Their finances were massive both in transfers and wages, plenty badly spent granted but they developed each season and ultimately got to the top. But even with their money it wasn't a case of spend 200m and get into the champions league let alone win the league straight away.

There is no problem with aiming for the top 4 next season, but if we finished 6th and got into Europe it's a step in the right direction and building each season to get back with the elite teams. If koeman can only get us to the first step and had us top 6 each season, then if moshiri is as ambitious as we are led to believe and going to finance getting us back to the elite then we replace him with someone that can take us on as Spurs have done several times until they've found the one that was capable of it.

June 06, 2016, 02:52:56 PM
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If the core of the squad that should have challenged for the championship and is (as should be) held together plus, plus influx of the rumoured 100m worth of players (with addition to any substantial sales), what's the minimum you'd find acceptable next season Rhys?

And I'm not just talking about an advance on playing style or tactics obviously because Leicester have just won the league on kick and rush football with two bouncers at the back.

Saying should have challenged for the championship is wide of the mark, could have ended up in a title challenge is different from should have been competing. We aren't of that level in a normal season.

Acceptable season is difficult to say at this point as a lot depends on how the money is spent and what the squad looks like in August. But right now if we spent the money ok enough, lost rom maybe stones, regardless id say acceptable as getting back around the top 6 and competing for Europe in the league. We should be aiming to win a cup...but impossible to say less than a semi final is unacceptable because you don't know what draws you get but I hope he goes for them and understands what it means to our fans to try and win something finally and not do a Martinez at Swansea and basically hang out a white flag in one.

I think the aims should be to finish in the top 4 in win a cup. But given you have pep in to revitalise city, conte in to get Chelsea back on track, Klopp 9 months in and chance to have a full pre season, wenger seemingly spending it isn't going to be anything like as open as last year in my opinion. So aim for that, but being around the EL places in the league would be a step in the right direction.

PS I know you said advance on tactics ignore that but at the same time you can't ignore it because if that's awful and we finish 6th but doesn't seem a long term answer the concerns don't necessarily go away. Likewise if tactically we look great and finish 9th but you can see us kicking on doesn't mean should get sacked.

June 08, 2016, 05:41:21 AM
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Let's not go over the top about who we might buy and how much we might spend this summer it's really early days.

Let's just start off with joe hart for 40m on 200k a week and see where we go from there.

June 09, 2016, 09:46:49 PM
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i'd cut short my holiday (after i've already just had one) for 6m a year

That was if you had to or lose the deal, he will still get that when he returns Monday, 4 days, doesnt really change anything in the grand scheme of things.

June 14, 2016, 05:28:46 AM
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I know it's a bit petty and there's probably a reason for it (not dissing Soton could be one) but I'm getting very pissed off with Koemans seemingly total indifference to being offered the job of managing Everton Football Club.

How do you know it's total indifference?

His agent said weeks ago (seems it anyway :-) ) that the deal was done, he is back in the country today and looks like sat down with moshiri to complete formailities.

We don't know the reasons for the delay but don't think it's right to jump to the conclusion he isn't that fussed about managing us.