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March 21, 2017, 03:33:33 AM
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dan meis is one of the best in this field. i know he designed the saitama super arena in japan, which is a concert arena and basketball arena which can change into a football stadium, from 20 thousand to 30 thousand capacity. The stand can mechanically move. The plumbing and everything in the stand automatically unplug and reconnect back in once the area has transformed. it's really cool, the design is based on a japanese bullet train as this arena is surrounded by trainline, and not so new, i went there over 10 years ago. stadiums which can transform for multipurpose are not such a pain in the ass as it may seem, for the best designers.
clearly the location and environment (water) and local architecture will be a big part in influencing how the stadium is designed in it's features and look. his roma stadium is based on the colosseum,  the docks stadium will be unique too. just how these influences are put into the design is pretty exciting to find out. but for sure it won't be a replica of some existing stadium
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March 21, 2017, 05:00:31 AM
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it won't be like dortmund's stadium as there is no connection visually between that and liverpool's docks. placing a copy of that one would look bad, also, why hire a world-class stadium designer if we want that?
the design will come from the conceptualization of many details of the site. the land, the water, the history of the area/club/city, the architecture, the local materials and the special requirements of the location.  a dock stadium is naturally going to be more "different' than a stadium on a flat inner-city field or a industrial estate- although any location carries it's own unique features. water will be a main theme.
it's best to think of it as not "a stadium on the dock" i.e a generic design placed on a location with little connection to its surroundings, but as a "dock stadium"- a stadium that has had every element specifically tailored for where it will be.
look at previous dan meis designs, some are in the desert, the pay homage to that, others are in downtown L.A- and you can tell. every design is totally different from eachother, each incorporates it's environment heavily into its design. there are few running themes in his work.

everyone can come up with a concept that they would find fitting, the good thing is that dan meis will come up with something better than everyone else. if it is "bowl", then that's his interpretation, so ill be happy. do i think it will be bowl-like? no, i can't see any correlation between a bowl and the site, but it;s not my job to do that. he tweeted saying it's "intimidating" and respects Goodison history, no doubt it will be highly modern with juxtaposition of the past. and it will definitely fit well next to the mersey, that's the whole point of it.

March 21, 2017, 10:16:27 PM
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This is the one Meis is building for Roma.


It is a bowl but inside I have to admit I like the look of it.

It is a great design, basing it on the colosseum may seem like an easy decision but why not! the colosseum is a  masterpiece afterall.

the budget available to meis for our stadium will obviously be vital in the design specifications and stadium capabilities. I was reading about the Doha Sports City Stadium for the world cup which the meis design won, it had an unlimited budget! His design ended up at 1.6 billion... although it is heavily designed for multi-purpose use and not like a traditional football stadium whatsoever. It is  amazing and has some unbelievable features and a design totally at fitting to its location and culture.


Everton obviously are not in the same galaxy in regard to a budget. But the process will still be about finding a good balance between an excellent purpose built football stadium that is still an arena which can be used all year, but fitting within the smaller budget. That does not  mean a running track around it, though. It could mean 100 different things in both the interior and exterior, and maximizing it's use is not a negative, with good design it is something that enhances the building even on match days adding to the overall experience.
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March 24, 2017, 04:57:31 AM
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Well unless it has a running track around the pitch it would have no relevance to the Commonwealth Games, oh no ! Surely not !

The document outlining the whole project says if it transpires the stadium will host commonwealth games. The difference is this stadium will be already in use as a football stadium before 2022.

Dan meis stated in a tweet the stands will be close to the pitch. That could mean that a moveable pitch is included in the design like some American football stadiums have. It could be changed to athletics and then back to football after it ended.  I'm sure there are a number of design options and adjustments available for the pitch and many other aspects of the stadium for multipurpose use.
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