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May 17, 2017, 02:13:12 AM
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If we go for 60,000 straight away, we'll have a lot of empty seats, we'll fill it for maybe 6 league games a season, start at 50/55,000 with scope for expansion, as I've said earlier, have four stands that make 50,000 with the option of filling in the corners to create your 60,000.

May 17, 2017, 04:07:09 AM
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I think 50k is underselling it as much as 60k is overselling to be honest.

We'd fill a 55k stadium 50% of the time without any actual success i reckon. Which is sufficient.
I really don't see us filling 55,000 tbh, thats a big uptake on the 39,000 that go now, back in the 80,'s heyday, we were only getting about 29,000 on average, and that's when football was affordable.

May 17, 2017, 05:15:33 AM
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we sell 40k per game now and have a 9-10k waiting list.

If season ticket holders number 45k, you dont think we could sell 10k tickets to:
first game of the season
last game of the season
A festive game


With even a modicum of success you could add to those games.
The people on that waiting list though probably attend most games, maybe I am being cautious, I'd just hate see  lot's of empty seats.

May 17, 2017, 05:19:03 AM
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...................I think you're being over cautious. Everton is on a roll ,the city of Liverpool is on a roll. We would fill 55,000 for most games. Imagine casual supporters being able to buy a seat where you could actually see the pitch !
Everton's prices have been frozen for a while and has loads of cheap tickets for young fans. A season ticket costs less than £30 per game . Whether you call that affordable depends on your own circumstances of course.
We do have a good pricing strucure, I agree, and that does tempt lots of younger supporters, for the likes of myself, I have two sons, so for all three of us to go, costs a small fortune. What I was getting at though was we couldnt sell out Goodison when we had a 53,000 capacity, were winning the league and prices were cheap.

May 17, 2017, 05:45:01 AM
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Hideous times really
Upto Wimbledon 94 you were looking at 18k crowds
Don't remember them being that low.

September 03, 2017, 04:53:56 PM
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Brilliant, cant believe we had to wait that long before the programme actually started.

June 19, 2018, 11:43:12 PM
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The Echo site now is practically unuseable from all the pop-ups - I just tried to read the article, so the video came on so I thought 'ok - watch the video' then a pop up came up that covered the entire screen and stopped the video as well, trying to get me to support women in tech? Fuck off!

I am a massive advocate for women in STEM but WTF has that got to do with what I was trying to read/watch? I've clicked my last Echo link ffs!
I gave up on the Echo website ages ago, I'd rather just guess at what it says, as I'm sure their journalist do anyway.

June 16, 2019, 09:06:36 PM
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Get your contactless cards at the ready as it's gonna be a cashless stadium the same as Spurs
Our everyday life will be contactless  soon.

July 09, 2019, 07:24:41 PM
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Not sure if already been posted, but worth a read, this. Interested in this bit:

'Only one location has lost its World Heritage status since 1972, when the concept was established: the German city of Dresden. That decision was made after the construction of a controversial £156m bridge across the Elbe in 2013.

It's very hard to judge the impact it had on tourism, given the myriad factors involved, but Dresden did report a five per cent fall in domestic tourism in 2015. Evidence suggested overseas visits, however, remained stable.'

Even if that 5% drop in domestic tourism in 2015 was directly caused by the status loss, a quick Google search suggests that Dresden's been doing very well since then:

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but even if you can provide a quick example to the 'uhhhh what about tourism' trolls, it's worth a go trying to beat them with logic. Some of it might even stick.
Iíve been to Dresden four times in the past 12 months, so fiddle to the heritage status, and the bridge looks good

July 16, 2019, 01:52:24 AM
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A big blue wave ?????, is that a hint to its design