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Alan Ball wore Hummel (they also did the swivel studs under the trading name Tufspin - got banned!)

George Best, Stylo Matchmaker (some with side lacing!)
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January 13, 2019, 03:30:25 PM
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I think I played in astro turf only til I was about 12 and then I got these Reebok ones, black with a turquoise trim. They had screw in studs, one of them came loose after a few months and I lost it and just hobbled on with one boot being a stud down. They were awful

When I was about 14 I got these Nike Tiempo and they were the best boots I ever owned. Really padded inside and they had moulded studs

We used to jump onto the bowling green and play on there before members of the club would come and throw us off. The turf was just so nice there. Playing in my Tiempos on that turf when I was 14 I had hit the form of my life, was gliding past players effortlessly. I knew right then that one day I would go on to win the Ballon D'Or and heroically turn down the advances of Barcelona to stay at Everton
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