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Author Topic: The FA Cup - Leicester City - (H) 07/01/17  (Read 42191 times)

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January 07, 2017, 10:39:59 PM
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Well I will tell you his country didn't qualify ! and let you feel silly all on your own

I think you're being silly mate, Ivory Coast have qualified!

January 07, 2017, 10:57:19 PM
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Being dumped out at home in the FA Cup by a team we beat 2 weeks ago at their place. What the fuck is Kone doing on the pitch?

Koeman has to be questioned for this, and take some serious stick, as do the players.

Waiting for you to blame Barry and Naismith for this one chap! Looking forward to it

Kone is an attacking option,we are losing, why are you angry at that?

Why does beating them at their place mean we should just breeze through them at ours? Yes we should be winning, but is it a massive shock we've lost?

Gutted about this btw, could have had a proper crack at this as we are not finishing higher than where we are. Perfect season to focus on this but doesn't sound like the players have been motivated

January 07, 2017, 11:15:53 PM
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Its a valid point, why will nobody answer questions like this directly?

'Oh he goes on a lot' yeah because nobody answers what I pitch at people.

So again, your happy with 7th.

What players are happy to join a team like that?

I think you look at things a bit too black and white, ie well no quality player will join a team that is 7th. Just take a step back from it, stop being condescending and acting like the only fan because you're not happy with just being 7th. NOBODY IS! But it's takes some fucking time mate, how are you not getting it?

We are building, Spurs were 7th or whatever 2 years back, Liverpool were 8th last season. Maybe Liverpool is a poor example but the Spurs one isn't, we need to buy young players with points to prove or good potential. Yes we can't compete for now with the top top teams but if we can get the transfers right we will get there

January 07, 2017, 11:20:54 PM
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Here I am, being a winner - although @Brownie20 says 'its the same old point' which he never ever ever answers. Is finishing where we are hoping to selling the club short, attractive to new signings and below our abilties?

Charlie Sheen also viewed himself as a winner. Truth is he was a deluded cunt living in dreamland!


January 07, 2017, 11:28:19 PM
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@Thomas Naismith scored a last minute goal to keep his team in the cup! Surely you must agree he is world class

January 07, 2017, 11:36:31 PM
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Considering he's earnt millions acting in Hollywood Blockbusters (Platoon etc) and been married to Denise Richards, I'd say thats winning. To suggest he isn't because your implying its because he has HIV, is poor taste.

Yes, because that is what I was implying mate, clearly :/

Have you not got any Bhoys in Green to talk to, I'll give you mates details, he's a Celtic fan. He also throws realistic expectations out the window in favour of fantasy

January 07, 2017, 11:42:03 PM
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In his defence he is asking questions that on his opinion he needs asking

That's stoking debate

I get that, it's the condescending 'I'm a better fan because I won't settle for 7th like all of you' tone. The constant bashing of players and basically saying people are stupid for thinking Barry is a good player. He doesn'thelp himself at all

January 08, 2017, 12:02:39 AM
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I dont have to help myself. At 28, I have my own voice and if I'm going to be opinionated about doing it, as long as its harmless, then thats sound.

The main point (back on topic, you know, why were actually here, plus the Mods like people getting stuff back on topic,but whatever) is we are out the FA Cup. At home, in the 3rd round. Sure its not like being beaten away to Brentford/Northampton (When Brentford where shit) or at home to Reading, but its still poor.

Where do we go from here? THat is my main question. A reasonable one at that.

Well you certainly seem to rub people up the wrong way with how you get your thoughts and opinions over. It's little comments like what you've put in () above that just, in my opinion, looks like you are condescending. You go on about people not respecting your opinions but will then attack other people's thoughts and opinions about subjects (Barry, Naismith).

I don't comment on here much but I have had decent chats with you about celtic because I have a level of interest in them, but it is easy to see why you are a divisive character on here.

For what it's worth, I agree it is poor. But it isn't all that bad, yeah sure my hope for this season was Europe and a cup run, and we're out in the 3rd round.We've lost toa premier league team, the champions no less so let's not over react to that. Anyone can beat anyone in this league, especially outside of that top 6. We are in a massive transition.

Where do we go from here? Well, make sure we compete well in the league, solidify that top 7 finish, show good performances and get some results against those above us in the league and buy well before the window ends.

If we can do that then we look a great prospect for players potentially coming to us in the summer and next season we can aim to mix it up with the obvious top 6 at the moment

January 08, 2017, 12:31:08 AM
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Thanks for the general constructive criticisms/nod my way, otherwise - that last bit is dead on. But if Liverpool sacked Kenny Dalglish for coming 7th, and @Silas (I think rightly) believes Moshiri to not tolerate failure, why could RK still be here if that happens in the summer?

Just for complete clarity, I'm not in the business of ditching managers rashly or early. Birmingham City and Swansea are good examples as to why. But it will need analysing.

I think Liverpool finished 8th with Dalglish but I don't think the 2 are comparable. Dalglish was a sort of stop gap wasn't he and had shown he was a bit of a dinosaur in terms of management.

The difference for us is that we've been regressing for 2 years and to establish ourselves as a top 7 team was the target. We are where we should finish at the end of the season. However, the over 6 above are head and shoulders above at the moment, so to replace Koeman for not breaking into the top 6 or 4 with this squad would be harsh.

If we;re still well off the pace by the end of next season or we drop down again during it, that should be when we look at replacing him. In my opinion of course.