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Author Topic: Sandro Ramirez Signs - Confirmed by club  (Read 32365 times)

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July 04, 2017, 02:41:32 PM
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van der Meyde

Just done some classic YouTube research and he does look boss like.

A lot of his goals last year were from quite mad positions though...4 or 5 from really tight angles to the left and right of goal, another 4 or so from 25/30 yards. Wonder what he's like 1 on 1, I'd think he'd be a good finisher but it's always nice to see a range of goals rather than just like wonder strikes.

Watched a bit of his Barca days to see what he's like with the ball and I think he can ball a bit, dribbles well and didn't look like he couldn't keep up in the admittedly limited clips.
Given last season was the only season he scored a lot of goals, Im slightly concerned about how well he'll keep it up.

It could be that he's excellent at shooting from outside the box, but the worry is that those mad ones from outside the box and wide don't go in for us this season...

July 26, 2017, 03:28:18 AM
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van der Meyde

Also as I say his team generally didn't create nice chances for him, so his xg was naturally a bit low.
Corollary of that though is that perhaps he wasn't making the right runs though? Or perhaps he wasn't good at creating high xG chances for himself?

It's not really anything any of us can assess from a YouTube video. :)

July 26, 2017, 01:50:29 PM
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van der Meyde

Not sure, going off an article I read apparently the team were more whipping it in to a veteran target man and that isn't sandro's game.

Re: creating chances himself it's a good point. One thing we will never be able to replace is that once every few games Lukaku would turn into a 16 stone peak Torres and burn off a CB giving himself a one on one. Very few strikers in the world can do that, just turn on the half way line and get the other side of a defender. He was phenomenal at making chances for himself which was handy because we weren't great at making good chances.

I know next to f all about how Sandro plays but from what I've read and seen, I am backing him. Strikes a ball very well, physically very good, technique looks very good, that assist for Rooney was class as well. Can't wait to watch him.
I read the same article, but the author openly admits that on top of the data driven stuff he does, the rest is usually based on the same 10 minute YouTube videos we all watch. :)

November 09, 2017, 05:17:38 PM
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van der Meyde

Think he looks like absolute tat to be honest.

There's a long list of players who have slammed them in in Spain only to come up short in the Prem. I also remember those stats floating about when he signed that all his goals were free kicks, long shots, or shots from weird angles which wouldn't ordinarily go in. Maybe we should have looked at these when we scouted him.

Las Palmas or Celta Vigo next summer.
I was about to bring up Niasse's video as an example, but actually it's nowhere near as bad as I remembered it.

He actually looks pretty good on it, nowhere near as many goals scored sat on the deck as I thought there were!