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Author Topic: Sandro Ramirez Signs - Confirmed by club  (Read 36580 times)

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July 04, 2017, 03:59:04 PM
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Imagine his team talks! How do these ex players/managers get into the media? They offer absolutely nothing, thankfully with the likes youtube and forums on t'internet we can get more of a insight. Shame he will be getting paid for it.

It appears that if you pretend to know something about something you get to be an "expert pundit" on these media outlets nowadays...

most of them are rubbish...and merely state what the channels/stations wanna hear....look at Darren Gough on Talkshite....an ex cricketer whose expert football opinion is constantly pushed on TS....I "sort of know" in a roundabout way Darren Gough....his claim to football expertise is he played for Barnsley boys....if you know that level of football..particularly when he played...well enough said....expert?   far from it....