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November 05, 2017, 08:58:28 PM
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It might all be for nothing anyway, especially if we get Allardyce.

There are things I like about Allardyce — defending, set pieces, shot locations — but he is death for youth players. Given how much talent we have in the U23s, I would be very uncomfortable with the club appointing a manager that's more likely to push them out than bring them into the team.

Dyche might be okay for the U23s, as he has at least some record improving young players, although I don't see how someone like Dowell fits his approach. And Dowell is someone we really need to be working with. Creative, technical, great footballing brain, and raised at the club.

This is where our failure to hire Favre, and current inability to hire Tuchel (he'd be crazy to walk into this shit show), really fucks us. Both managers appreciate smart, technical players and aren’t afraid to give youth a chance.

You could also look at it another way. We have some young defenders who might benefit from working under Dyche or Allerdyce. Being involved in regime that works hard and looks to improve the defensive side of the game. Look at the youngsters we have at the back. Browning, Kenny, Galloway, Garbutt, Keane, Holgate and you can even throw Funes Mori into that as well. There is a ton of potential there that is probably being wasted. Tap into that and really work with them and we may actually have a set of defenders that can take us forward and save us a ton on cash which can be invested elsewhere. It's not all about the forwards. As the saying goes. Build from the back.