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January 23, 2018, 11:29:34 PM
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I think Leicester have got a much better squad than us. And they’re an actual team; they have a way of playing and players know their job. Oh, and they’re nicely balanced with good options off the bench. We’re a fair way off these and think the league standings, come May, will reinforce that.

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Dunno what to say about formation you know. I wanted sig in the middle, bolasie and Walcott wide and tosun up top and we were terrible until that was ripped up.

Maybe it’s time to face facts and 4-4-2 the fucker.


Kenny Holgate Williams/Keane Cuco

Walcott schneiderlin Gana Bolasie


Rooney arguably the Prems best second striker ever and has scored and assisted plenty so far, let’s get him up near the box and get him on it? Sig would probably benefit as well.

Obviously the midfield is still an issue but wtf do you want me to do there.

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Vardy & Mahrez will have a right party if they get to play against Williams & Jagielka. Only way out of a hiding is if Pickford has a worldie.

Word. Aye........