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November 29, 2017, 07:40:30 PM
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I still think he'll come good. Young defender playing in a thankless position when every more experienced players all around him play absolutely woefully. You could see tonight his confidence is absolutely shattered and I don't think we've got anyone to lift that at the moment.

Bang on. I think we will see the best of this lad in 2/3 years time, and when he is actually playing with other guys who can defend with confidence.

November 08, 2018, 08:31:36 PM
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Extremely well deserved place and looks a completely different player to last year. He still has a few things to work on, but at 25 years old is still young for a CB, and has huge potential.

March 13, 2019, 10:21:36 PM
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Do not forget that he is only 26. He will only improve for the next 5 years and he has 7-8 of his best years ahead. A better year for him this year, and more to come without a doubt.

EDIT - Just to add to this - Look at the ages of our back line, and it tells you that our best years are most definately in front of us:

Pickford 25,

Kenny 21, Keane 26, Mina 24, Digne 25

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April 02, 2019, 11:43:26 PM
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I really like Keane, but at his current level, if someone was to offer 50m, you would have to pull their arm off from the socket and grab the cash as quickly as possible. He is currently worth what we paid for him, which wasn't chump change, and I can't see any merit in a club wanting to offer any more.