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Author Topic: Everton v Sunderland - Carrier Bag Cup  (Read 30697 times)

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September 18, 2017, 03:47:55 AM
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We are so missing someone like barkley so for that reason the only other person in our squad and upto speed to fill that position is rooney.. so id drop schneidelin and have gueye and rooney together and he can run about as much as he likes there

                                                                                    Pickford                        or                           

                                                                      holegate   keane   jaggs
                                                               martina                             baines
                                                                            rooney        gueye                                      gueye    davies

                                                                                  gylfi/klasson                                              klasson

                                                                            DCL             sandro                                    DCL        rooney

September 18, 2017, 04:09:25 PM
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Martina's ball throwing skills aint upto much either twice yesterday in the first half he threw the ball to utd player and also always throws it long instead of retaining possession ,,there was a throw in towards the end of the first half and instead of rooney passing the ball to martina to take he threw it himself and retained possession