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Author Topic: [News]Klaassen: Adapting to English game has not been easy  (Read 32412 times)

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February 01, 2018, 01:21:07 AM
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I don't think its so much about him adapting to the English game, as he has been wank in Europe as well. I think that we just don't play to his strengths. I had watched him a few times last season and he seemed a very good player. But in all the matches I watched, Ajax played possession football. They did a lot of small passes, a lot of 1-2s, they had a lot of movement off the ball and Klaassen was at the heart of it.
I'm not sure if Koeman bought him thinking that he wanted us to play like this only to bottle it when he saw it wasn't working, or if he thought that Klaassen could adapt to a different style. But if Sam wants to carry on playing the way we are then the only choice is to let him go somewhere else. He'd be brilliant at Napoli as they seem to play a faster version of what Ajax where playing.

February 01, 2018, 01:32:55 AM
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I totally disagree with this. In his few appearances for us he was totally incapable of reviving the ball and passing it to a teammate. How long do you give someone who just isn't doing the business?
If by reviving you mean winning the ball back, then that is one of his biggest weaknesses. Its just not part of his skillset. As for passing it on, at Ajax there always seemed to be easy passes on for him. Whether that is better understanding his teammates moves or better movement from teammates. There was a lot of 1 or 2 touch passes. With us he seemed to be running with the ball more and often getting dispossessed. He can't dribble and he can't hold the ball up. If that is what we want from him we might as well get rid.

June 09, 2018, 04:48:09 AM
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Didn't he reject a move to Napoli or Inter in January.
Yet 6 months later he's OK with moving to the Turkish league.  :bonk:

June 10, 2018, 04:27:16 PM
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Imo if this happens it stinks of creative bookkeeping. Seems way more to this than meets the eye, this type of deal seems extremely odd. Would it not be easier to fully cut our losses on him now than to get into this weird shit.
I'm sure Besiktas were done for FFP a few years ago and where given some form of transfer limitations as punishment. Maybe due to those sanctions this is the only way that they can structure this deal.
Brands probably knows what Klaassen is capable of better than anyone else at Everton. If he believes that he is not a good fit for Everton and Silva then getting rid quickly is the best thing for us. This will then free up space to bring in a player which is better suited for us.