October 14, 2019, 05:51:31 PM


Regarding Everton only, how optimistic a Blue are you?

Things are always great
Despite the odd setback, things get better
Life's a rollercoaster
Odd moments of joy don't offset the misery
The only reason the end hasn't come is someone fucked up
I don't understand the question

Author Topic: Optimistic or Pessimistic Blue?  (Read 4850 times)

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October 04, 2017, 01:02:11 AM
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After the "Blowing your own trumpet" thread I don't think I can ever lean towards optimistic blue.

I think we have a good enough squad and we'll recover from this bad start even with Koeman at the helm. What I am not fine with is one more year where we barely challenge for anything. We are not going to do anything great in the league, with Chelsea away in the league cup we are more or less going to lose it, also it looks pretty unlikely that we'll go into the knockouts of the Europa league. It's 3 out of 4 competitions we are more or less out of within 1.5 months into the season. I think I have a pretty much pessimistic view towards this season.