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October 19, 2017, 09:36:34 PM
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always found Evertonians have/had a strange relationship with HK
Before we came good in the 80's, many were ready to shove him out the door, he was very unpopular as a manager
Then he presided over the greatest 5 years in our history and he refound his legendary status
But lets not pretend all was constantly rosey in the garden even then. He got plenty abuse for the Lineker thing etc even back then
Then his latter spells with us were, lets face it, disasters.

We dont have too many club "legends" the way the RS have or Man Ure/Newcastle have
We have one MASSIVE Icon who is long dead, so I think maybe we cling a little to HK and bestow status on him post mortem that possibly wasnt bestowed on him by those under 35 in his life time

I know some will think I am talking shite and thats ok too but I honestly think maybe a little of the "Kendall Adoration" is a little....forced maybe....?
(legend that is absolutely is, btw!)
yep you are right mate you are talking shite.