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November 01, 2017, 07:41:49 AM
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Barton is just trying to help get his mate Dyche into the job so he can feel more welcome at Goodison.

Anyone JB recommends should be considered with caution!

As for Unsy being a bit overweight for a guy with a stocky build, that is totally irrelevant. If he was charging out as captain, then Barton would have a point. But if a manager needs to be an exemplar of fitness, then all should be sacked! That's not their job. Besides, anyone with muscle looks fat in a suit - they don't call Tony Bellew 'Fat Boy' for nothing (but never to his face!).

The point is: can he inspire confidence, can he produce a balanced team that plays with heart and imagination, can he get results? ...He did with the youngsters, so let's see how he gets on over the next games with the first team. Give the guy a chance!

I don't think Unsworth is any fatter than Pochettino. He's certainly tougher and I know who i'd back in a fight.