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the 10% (if  thats true)of under 23s that make it are of a much higher level than any non or lower league player, and can be trained to a much higher level also.hence thats why we have currently the best under 23 team/squad at the moment. how many others have gone into their 1st teams ?
also there is pressure to attain positive results in all forms of coaching and employment and especially at a competitive enviroment, otherwise there is no point to coach or train.
what has eddie howe actually acheived ? hes kept a team in the league with a league win rate of 35ish%
unsworth league win rate is 66%, cant argue with the stats
and it just shows you how low we've got to be even contemplating, allerdyce, dyche or howe

Howe was being bandied about as a potential long term successor for Wenger last year. To compare his win % with Unsworth and ask what has he achieved is a bit silly imo. I'm not exactly saying Howe is all that as the media do, little old Bournemouth have spent quite a bit of money. However, he guided them to a top half finish last year, plays attractive football and has had big results against big teams such as United, Chelsea and the like

My worry with Howe is I think a large part of the success is that he has an affinity with that club, having played there for years too. He has had years to understand how they work which  would have helped.

To disregard the achievements of a guy that has took a club on the brink of relegation from the whole football league and took them from League 2 to the Prem and to compare his record with that of Unsworth's is a farce to be honest. To imply that Unsworth is a better option due to his 66% win rate in the premier league (from 3 games) is a wind up.

Are you on a wind up?