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November 04, 2017, 01:55:07 AM
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Right man, wrong time.  I think Unsworth taking over say after our next manager leaves and has sorted out the message would be great.  You can see he's trying hard to get something out of the team, it's just too big a job right now for him.

We need a new face in that will rip up the way we play and give a huge confidence boost to the players, get us up the table and then after a season or two if they leave and we are in good health give him the job then.

I think he could do really well for us, just right now isn't the time

November 27, 2017, 05:11:11 PM
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Thing is Unsworth COULD play a balanced team, for some reason he decides to still play players in the wrong positions, it makes no sense.  We just need someone to come in and play a system where we have players in the right positions in a formation that suits the playing personnel we have.  There's no excuse for playing Mirallas off DCL and Sig on the left of midfield.  In fact there's pretty much no excuse for playing Mirallas at all, but if you have to then play him out wide with Sig behind the front man.

We need someone with tactical nouse and the ability to play a proper system.  I'm praying we get Dyche in now ASAP, he'll sort it out, he's exactly the right man for the job right now.

November 27, 2017, 08:23:41 PM
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Balanced ? Pickford is first choice but fuck me for keeper he has an appalling habit of letting goals in . Kenny and Martina are the only 2 fit LB's 1 inexperienced and 1 poor . CH 1 from 4 Jagielaka is past it , Williams woefully out of form , Keane hasn't settled or is nowhere near good enough and Holgate is untested in that position . RB is Baines who like Jagielka is past his sell by date or one of the previously mentioned out of position . Now for the middle of the park where we are seemingly flooded Gueye needs to focus on one area but is overworked , Schneiderlin out of form and not arsed , Sigurdsson luxury player , Klassen hasn't settled and not good enough , Lennon runs around a lot , Besic would get sent off , McCarthy unfit I assume , Davies 2nd season syndrome , Baningime inexperienced but has done OK . And then their is our alleged strike force Niasse tries his heart out , Rooney is no longer a striker , Mirallas has never been a striker and isn't interested anyway , DCL is I am afraid just not good enough to lead the line  , Lookman not experienced enough to warrant a start yet , Vlasic at least looks like a trier but not seen enough really , Ramirez hasn't settled but has looked poor when he has played .

Do you fancy balancing that lot up for me given most if not all have been shite all season long .

That's where a good manager comes in to play, seriously look at Burnley and where they've got with organisation, structure and hard work... same with Brighton.  You can blame the players / squad and rightly so but a good manager would sort this out with organisation and structure, it only takes a few decent solid performances to build confidence and you'd then see half the team being completely different in how they perform. 

November 27, 2017, 08:40:59 PM
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I thought from your post you had the balanced team sorted from that pile of shite .



-Lennon------Mirallas / Lookman

How Davies isn't getting a game but Schneiderlin is really baffles me.

yes not all these players are in form or even any good, but a good manager with that set up would do a lot better then a man out of his depth playing half the team out of position!  THAT is a balanced team, there's no arguing that IMO, just need a proper manager with good organisation to get the players fighting for the shirt and being well organised.
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November 27, 2017, 09:22:48 PM
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You would need a fucking miracle with that line up .

No you just need a good manager who can get the team organised and hard to beat.  That team is far better than relegation candidates, Brighton have a far inferior starting line up but are playing brilliantly this season, that's the difference a good organiser as a manager makes