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Author Topic: Which striker to go for in January?  (Read 30491 times)

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November 04, 2017, 02:09:55 AM
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If Koeman was still here, I'd be reasonably confident of a move for Andrea Petagna. There's an extent to which our recruitment, especially in attacking positions, was focused on players who personally terrorized Koeman in the past.

(I still think it's dodgy that we signed Vlasic right after playing Split twice, although I'm happy he's here.)

Plus, Petagna gets bonus points for having a pristine haircut like Pelle and Giroud.
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November 04, 2017, 02:11:30 AM
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November 04, 2017, 08:38:27 PM
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How unlucky was it for him to score a goal like this in the last match of the season, when all goals of the season competitions had long closed?

As unlucky as the bounce the ball took when the Chelsea player should have won it back was lucky.

He came out even on that one.

November 05, 2017, 12:21:07 AM
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I'm going to be that guy again.

Rondon and Carroll are both 28. Signing either player would do nothing to rectify this massive problem we have where there are basically no peak age players in the squad. Neither has anywhere near the level of quality where a big short-term outlay would be worth it. I can see one of those two on loan, if their current club would allow it, but not on a permanent basis.

22-25 is the ideal range for a permanent signing (barring access to someone who is truly class, of course). Players that age have enough experience to contribute today but with room to go up a level.

The rot is only going to get worse if we keep spending on older players that don't really move the needle. Williams, Bolasie, Schneiderlin, Sigurdsson. What do we have to show for having brought that group to the club? Spending anything significant on Rondon or Carroll would be very much in the same vein.
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November 10, 2017, 12:52:00 AM
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It's not worth signing anybody older than 25 unless they're named Dzeko or Giroud (or someone else of that ilk who we're yet to be linked with). And even then... for a team with a mid-table ceiling (this season, at least), is it worth spending big for a class 30+ year old? I'm not convinced.

There are forwards who are useful today with plenty of good years left to give. If Walsh can't find any of them, add it to the list of reasons why he should fuck off.
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November 17, 2017, 02:09:36 AM
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Apparently, Klaassen has played as a false nine before.

It would be nice to see him again, in some central role. I'm seriously disappointed at how Unsworth has frozen out so many of our summer signings.

November 17, 2017, 03:51:20 AM
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On tef there's a lad saying its not unsworth picking the sides

Read that. That poster thinks Royle is picking the teams, right?

Hopefully not true. Disturbing if it is.

November 17, 2017, 04:33:10 AM
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It was all nice and cosy when Unsworth took over to hear him say all the right things but it was also slightly concerning that he was talking about "the Everton way" and "what the fans want" or words to that effect. I think he's too close to the club if that makes sense and he's trying too hard to appeal to the fans. It's all very nice and romantic but the reality of modern football is you play each game as it comes and if that means playing boring football to get a result then that's what you need to do. I think he's fallen into the trap of telling the fans what they want to hear rather than doing what needs done.

Looking at his matchday squads it looks very much like he's playing safe and going with players he knows and a lot of the newer players are being frozen out. For a man who said he didn't know what was going on with the first team squad under Koeman as he was with the U23's he seems to have made a decision very quickly rather than wiping the slate clean and giving everyone a fair crack.

Agreed. I'm especially disappointed because he always seemed so accommodating with the U23s. Look at what he did for Niasse when most of us were down on him. That made a huge difference to the player, as he indicated recently. The new players who haven't settled need that same treatment now. The evidence we have (matchday squads) suggests they aren't getting it.

Hopefully, things change in the coming weeks. I've been as critical of our business as anyone but we can't be writing off the new signings so soon.
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