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November 07, 2017, 06:48:14 AM
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I don't like the man. The Panorama programme solidified this impression even if the material isn't completely proven. Also listening to Everton Business Matters fawn over him really annoys me, which is a shame as its a good podcast.

The main reason I dislike him apart from him basically using sales to cover spending on players,  is I firmly believe the ground move to the city centre has sod all to do with benefitting the club/fans and more to do with making HIM more money. Walton will suffer, the atmosphere will suffer, fans will suffer and possibly even the team may suffer. However the club will be more profitable for Mr Moshiri.

Jack Walker was no angel, but he died recently and some of our fans are so wide-eyed on Moshiri you almost wonder whether they have been led to believe the club for him is a labour of love. It isn't. It was for Bill Kenwright and he wasn't any good either. Moshiri is a capitalist out for his own pocket and seeking to commercialize our club into 'Brand Everton' and take it away from our origins. Fans are falling for that way too easily in my opinion. If he didn't have money I would see no difference between him and the Hull/Cardiff chairman who had no prior connection/commitment to their clubs either.
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November 29, 2017, 07:48:30 PM
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This decision and whole management recruitment farce just sums up what a complete charlatan Moshiri in particular is with his embarrassing leaks to Jim White, grandiose aspirations of the big time and the very best and splashing cash...... when it allegedly isn't even his money, our NET spend has been minimal, the new ground we won't even own or fill and telling Jim White a load of shite about big players and managers coming and Barkley leaving. Now it's reduced to Sam Allardyce and probably signing Scott Dann and Charlie Austin.

I haven't heard one fucking fan lay the blame at Moshiri, Kenwright or the boards door. All because they are seemingly under the delusion  of a honeymoon period for Moshiri and tbat this new stadium is going to take us into a brave new world.

Allardyce might not be here for long although I doubt his backroom staff would accept that. But once again that's Manager No2 Moshiri has picked and once again it's been a complete disaster.

Everything the man touches is either allegedly someone else's or a walking disaster. Not having a person who doesn't support our club tear it apart, strip away it's soul and send it into mediocrity.

November 29, 2017, 07:59:37 PM
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It's a shame that Moshiri hasn't been given even half the slack Kenwright has had. Moshiri has put more investment into our club in just over one year than Bill and the rest of them put in, in over sixteen years. Yes he's made mistakes but didn't the previous regime ? Three failed ground moves for a start.
Bill cared about the club though. I was and still am not his biggest fan. However we have gone from one extreme to another. A benevolent owner to a narcissistic one completely in it for his own benefit. Added to that he literally has no clue how to communicate with fans (only Jim White!) or appoint a proper manager.

November 29, 2017, 08:04:07 PM
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He makes vanity decisions without due process. Koeman was pursued and hired without interviewing him against a shortlist and due diligence as to his suitability. Walsh was pursued because of some misguided notion that he was responsible for the biggest freak occurrence in top flight sport. Both appointments have proved an utter failure as they are two completely different personalities with two differing remits.

He also takes time out to speak to Sky Sports every transfer window since he's arrived. Each time making himself look a little silly.

I get that he's now the owner of a club in a sport with worldwide appeal, every rich man's dream, but there still needs to be due process in how business is conducted. We're in danger of becoming this seasons QPR in more ways than one.
This. I have said for some time he is completely inept but I can never understand the plethora of people who respond holding a candle out for the man.

He dithers, makes bad decisions and embarrasses us and leaves our club in a worse state than when he was here and is hell bent in moving us away from our home.

December 01, 2017, 09:07:25 PM
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Do you not see the irony in what you've put?
He was after Simeone and appointed Allardyce, that isn't like debating getting Ferrari then ending up with a Lamborghini, it's more like getting a Ford.
The bloke deserves all the abuse he gets

Yeah but too many of our fans consider Moshiri to be like a benevolent uncle.

Because he cleared our debt (with money that allegedly isnt it) and bought our future ground (which we dont own, and without even investigating staying at Goodison) and spent loads of money on players (Net spend in comparison to rivals is minimal) they kiss his feet.

In reality, he talks a lot of shite and appoints Sam Allardyce and gets Angry Birds and his mates company to sponsor us.

December 01, 2017, 11:29:44 PM
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Seriously some of the bile you get from our fans for even questioning him during a debate in the flesh is wrong. Its like he's infallible and has done no wrong. The honeymoon period is over. Sorry.

People like @Audrey Horne  constantly get annoyed at me calling our fans deluded or phillistines yet their lack of scrutiny on our majority shareholder all because of grandiosely presented plans (stadium/investment/managerial appointments) has all proved to be for his own satisfaction, material benefit and basically a sham. Yet our fans lap it up.

Liverpool fans never tolerated this with Hicks and Gillette. They actually had some wisdom. Our lot just seem to be far more naive. We now have a mediocre manager, a stadium move that i absolute guarantee you will not turn out the way Moshiri has planned it and will hurt ordinary fans and the club, and a net investment that is nowhere near our rivals.
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December 02, 2017, 01:26:02 AM
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It's amazing what financial geniuses we have on this forum slagging Moshiri off. No owner really invests their own money unless they like Sheikh Mansour at City. Owners use their financial clout and net worth to be able to attract credit facilities etc for clubs to operate at a better level.

Kenwright could maybe secure a 10-20M pound loan. Moshiri, 300-400M as an example.

Neither use their own money.

Loans are legit though.

Third Party's are not if Panorama is proven to be correct (They could be wrong)

December 02, 2017, 04:48:18 AM
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Is a bank a third party?
Good point. Its a legit 3rd party.

December 02, 2017, 05:41:39 AM
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Good point and why would/should he? He’s not a fan and if I had a billion I wouldn’t put a penny of my own cash into the club either...and I am a fan.

I think if he WAS a fan I'd be less annoyed about him taking us away from Goodison.