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November 30, 2017, 12:02:43 AM
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Yup. He was after simeone as well.

And remember everyone making fun of him for that?

Now they're hating him for this appointment.

Lol. Everton fans....we could win a triple and we'd still be angry.  :)
Do you not see the irony in what you've put?
He was after Simeone and appointed Allardyce, that isn't like debating getting Ferrari then ending up with a Lamborghini, it's more like getting a Ford.
The bloke deserves all the abuse he gets

November 30, 2017, 12:17:12 AM
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Ha neither do I and I typed it ! Think it meant to say a shambles at the moment. All this hysteria is getting to me, okay I get it he's unpopular, but I feel people are just jumping on the bandwagon here and trying to insult him more than the last poster. Things could not have been allowed to go on the way they were any longer. I don't blame the owners for this, I blame Koeman and Walsh for the state of the team they have left us with.
So you don't blame the owners but you blame koeman and Walsh, how does that work? Walsh is still employed by the club and by all accounts this is his work, he's loaded the club with his people and the owners are merely signing the cheques.  You cant exonerate someone who is clearly backing the person you claim to have failed the club!
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November 30, 2017, 12:26:45 AM
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And good for us the first piece of forward thinking all season! Make no mistake mate we where on a downward spiral to the championship but aren't we to good to go down? Ffs lets dust ourselves down tighten up and get realistic, the board have done a horses for courses and I'm for it COME ON YOU BLUES
I'm not completely dismissing the relegation fear but i don't think it was a real risk. Our squad is miles better than most in the league and when we get a striker we will be fine.  Sam will do fine, but so would koeman or any other manager in time with this squad, with the addition of a forward. Believe me Sam hasn't walked into any other team before with a squad of this quality or depth.

November 30, 2017, 12:50:53 AM
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Agree Walsh should have been sacked along with Koeman. Your first point I don't agree with these owners backed their manager with cash and not bullshit like the previous owner, can't see nothing wrong with that. Koeman came here with a good reputation and credentials so they backed him, Koeman's failed us by not replacing the striker and leaving us with ageing defenders, he left us with a disjointed team.
But there is no evidence to substantiate what you've put, our net spend is no more now than it was under pauper Kenwright, he hasn't spent anything. If anything there is more bull shit now, he spouts all the time about nearly signing every superstar under the sun to Jim White. At least under Kenwright you knew what you were getting, so far this is just loads of false dawns.

November 30, 2017, 12:54:47 AM
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didn't say it was that great, I just said there are loads worst. And also stated we needed a striker, something our board failed to deliver! We need someone to organise the defence but any manager should be able to shore that up more than it is until January, when we can address the striker issue.

November 30, 2017, 01:04:34 AM
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Don't know about that mate, how many times did we break our transfer record. It now stands at 45m. The list of our transfer fee's the last two or three Windows is staggering, sadly the Pl Ayers bought with it are not. We were always sell to buy under Kenwright, three failed ground moves, I could go on. You can't compare Moshiri to Kenwright surely.
I'm not saying he hasn't done a good job securing the new ground, but his positive involvement is more to do with his status than a financial contribution, he hasn't risked anything, all of what he has done directly benefits him, which is fair enough as he is a business man.

And Kenwright consistently broke transfer records at the club, it's all relative though. This season if things went as planned with the sale of Barkley our net spend would have been circa 10 million, he genuinely hasn't invested hardly anything

March 05, 2018, 11:57:09 PM
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I wonder how many of our players who were brought in under Koeman would have jumped at the chance of joining us when Moyes was incharge? None probably.
The likes of Williams, Schneiderlin and a few others have purely come to the club for the money and have no other interest.

Its a big pay day for some of these lot as they will never see these sort of wages in there next playing contract.

Disagree, Williams was at Swansea in a relegation battle year after year, we were a natural step up. Schneiderlin was going nowhere, and didnt have many options other than us and West Brom i think. Most of who weve bought would have come anyway, they're probably on more than what they should be (which is a big issue) but I dont think weve signed anyone out of our league. Would we have had the shear volume of players coming in under Moyes is another point as I dont think its helped us to establish a core, there has been far too much changing and you'd struggle to name our best 11, whereas years gone by it was easy.