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Author Topic: What I loved most about Rooney's goal  (Read 5447 times)

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December 01, 2017, 02:36:54 PM
Read 5447 times


...was the timing.

Not only was it one of the best goals I think I've seen for Everton, but when we're in the shit, and the manager is sacked, and we look like we could be dragged into a relegation battle, and the summer's recruitment looks shit, and some people are still not convinced that Rooney was anything more than a marketing exercise, and the new manager is in at Goodison for the first time, and we want to see if this squad has anything to offer....

...someone steps up to show that there is genuine world class ability in this squad and we DO have something to work with and we CAN do better.

I'm no Allardyce fan but a few things seemed to come together the other night and I have hope in my soul once more.


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