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Wum's just love repeating themselves don't they, they're running out of material.

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Not a single player today in a blue shirt who would get into the current top 6 teams.

We have a long way to go

Such a nonsensical argument.

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Haha. Good one.

Haha even better one











Total 17/18:  32 - - - - 51 8 2.880'

Premier League Premier League 24 - - - - 39 6
Europa League Europa League 3 - - - - 7
FA Cup FA Cup 1 - - - - 2
EFL Cup EFL Cup 1 - - - - 2

6 shutouts

you cant look past it if some are going to keep on posting he is great and all that you also need someone to tell you juts how great he is not just yet

now goal keeper stats are not everything Joel last year for about a 20 game run was by stats the best in the league and by stats this year he will never get a game

there is not a small gap between is and can be

at Sunderland he was a can be
now he is at Everton he,s an is ?
well the stats say he is still a can be along with anyone without the ross glasses

( to them going to get on my back about Pickford go back and read )

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An again in English please?

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Mick 1995

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An again in English please?

I think he is somehow trying to tie the stat of conceding goals to the ability of a keeper.

If so he is sufficiently wrong to just ignore till he goes away.

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Goalkeeper in conceding goals shocker

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Fuck sake put any world class keeper behind our shit defence and they will all pick the ball out the net just as much .
Fuck sake some are blind to their cause.

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As usual itís all big sams fault

My point is simple - the squad is average, why people expect miracles against the top teams like Chelsea, United, Liverpool and spurs in recent weeks is beyond me.

Some people simply ignorant of reality and display real hatred for one of the games best managers.

Please get behind the club or find another one

We are Everton

If we had a decent manager, who knew tactics, how to implment players into formations that suit the style of the players, while offering attacking and defensive stability. a manager who wasnt anti football.

If we had a manager who knew how to develop players and mold them ala Pep. or even Benitez.. then there woud be ess Evertonians feeling how they do, Our squad is decent, lulz at the Journeymen comment.. who of our players are Journey men? do you class being at your third club a Journeymen? do you class the youngsters as Journeymen?

its so obvious to see your tilted view point, but you refuse to see it is Sams fault. a manager with higher proven pedigree would take us up to where we where last season.
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