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Author Topic: Ratings versus Huddersfield  (Read 2997 times)

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December 02, 2017, 11:09:48 PM
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Pickford 7 - distribution not what it can be but solid stops throughout

Martina 8 - defensively solid, a sensible attacking threat and almost scored

Williams 8 - very solid, there's a good defender hiding in there. Particularly good in the air

Holgate 7 - less composed than Williams but did well and rarely made a mistake

Kenny 8 - thought he was excellent all round today MOTM

Gueye  8 - everything came through him today, he benefits massively from having the calmness of Rooney with him

Davies 6 - he wasn't poor but he was rash and a little bit headless chicken

Rooney 7 - more quietly effective today but the team thrives around him in that deeper role

Sigurddsson 7 - he looks so much better in the 10 position. Some good touches he works really hard for the team as well, set pieces not what they can be

Lennon 8 - his relationship with Kenny gave us so much joy down the right side. He needs to have more confidence in himself as he was  a real threat today

Calvert Lewin 7 - battled a lone furrow throughout, not everything stuck with him but he worked hard and earned his goal


Schneiderlin 6 - looked okay without adding much

Lookman 6 - worked hard when he came on