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December 23, 2017, 09:35:39 PM
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We've got a few players costing between £20-45m. We're not Huddersfield. Of course we should be playing some football. It'll do today but it will have to get better.

If we carry on playing like that and start to lose a few, if the deflections go in, or a long ranger flies in, people will get pissed off very quickly. 0 attempts on target at home should never be ok.

We’ve got some good players but not that many in the front positions.

No shots from the DCL tackle chance, Kenny crossing instead of pulling back just after half time, the Keane header and the the break where Azpilicueta tackled Sandro is due to not having top players in those areas.

We obviously need to be better overall but a clinical side can still be defensive and win the game.

We need a top forward.

December 23, 2017, 09:48:59 PM
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We need some genuine pace up top to make that kinda performance work better from an attacking standpoint.

Decision making is a big factor too.

Make the right pass / cross more often than not and the development of good positions is a lot easier.