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December 24, 2017, 03:29:37 PM
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Getting really pathetic here. I didn't want Sam, still not what I want , despite results. Was not keen on Martinez or Koeman. Thought both were bad decisions. Especially Martinez.
 But the vitriol against moyes? I will never fully understood. When he came we were a joke.
He turned the club round, and did it with fuck all, yeah there were bad times, but none like Smith etc.
Yeah he probably stayed to long, left a bad taste. But I will always thank him for some of the players he signed for buttons. And we did play some good football under him.
Sam has shown a similar mindset, don't  concede and you will get a point.
Not pretty, but effective.
But I am not judging him yet....the board and our DoF however, I am waiting to see the next move from them, they have to decide if they are going to back Sam or if he is actually a stopgap. If he is, our signings will reflect that and we will know where we are going from there.
However, if they back him , we will see by the signings he makes if he is the manager we want.
Moyes never got the chances that the last 3 managers had with financial backing, yet still brought some excellent players in.
Over to you Sam.....and Mr Moshiri...
I'm the "trophy husband" from the game my wife regrets playing.

December 24, 2017, 05:59:12 PM
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Moyes stayed too long. Not his fault he was offered the biggest contracts of his life though.

He steadied us and moved us forward from where we were. He should have been a springboard but the board had no money.

His football went from the sublime to ridiculous though and playing two up top was swearing at him. He hated "showboating" as he called it (schooling the arsenal midfield as we called it) and let his ego swell - again though, not his fault people fawned over him despite his shortcomings.

Did well with what he had, but showed at United that "what he had" was actually his level. A level we should have moved on from in 2010

Sorry but have to disagree with some of that. Look at his tenure without prejudice.
His first "5 year plan" was immense. Did so much right. The next phase did not happen because the funding was not there, and continual failure to provide this did not help. Imo, he should have walked then , it would have shown the board and its failings in all its forms. But he was to honourable maybe.
And his friendship with Bill was ultimately his biggest flaw, he was on a hiding to nothing eventually. Man U was the wrong club at the wrong time, no one would have succeeded after AF.
Wether you like it or not, we owe him more than we owe the board at the time. And it's time for the snide comments and childish stuff about him to stop.
He deserves better...and we ARE better than that. We treated Shankley with respect. Let's thank DM for his input and.move on.
I'm the "trophy husband" from the game my wife regrets playing.

December 24, 2017, 06:06:04 PM
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And as for showboating..look at his reaction to Osman v Larissa, or Pienaar v Arsenal. There are others but i feel that is enough.
But if not, look how he almost purred about Yakubu sending two defenders "for a pie and a bovril" Iirc.   Yeah, but he didn't like showboating.....
I'm the "trophy husband" from the game my wife regrets playing.

December 25, 2017, 06:24:30 PM
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Shankly won trophy’s

Moyes was negative, predictable and too scared to try and win games

One crap over rated manager who has been found out

Someone who never takes responsibilty for his failings

Well that was a well thought out and informative response....
I'm the "trophy husband" from the game my wife regrets playing.