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Author Topic: West Brom V Everton. Boxing day.  (Read 25185 times)

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December 27, 2017, 01:18:54 AM
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Funnily enough all I read on twitter from WHU fans was that he was full of excuses.

The injuries is another thing he's mentioned every week.

Once the results drop (and let's be honest, we've had the luck so far) then these sort of things will start to wear thin.

West Ham fans on mass insist they've won a World Cup. I'm not sure what value their opinions have

December 27, 2017, 02:19:07 AM
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We were all talking about damage limitation til the window opened. We've made it and in a relatively good position too.
We were obviously shit today but then we've spent the last 4 months listing all the stuff our side is lacking. Let's see where we stand when the window shuts.

December 27, 2017, 02:42:31 AM
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call a spade a spade. heīs fucking 19 years old, heīs a blue and he has the world at his feet if only he can keep those feet on the ground. give the lad a break. itīs really pissing me off the amount of evertonians who want us to become the new man city. where are all the city local lads playing?? we all want success but if it comes with the price of us selling our soul then you can keep it as far as iīm concerned. jj kenny has been a mountain for us in the past few weeks. rooney has been our leading man. a lot of people pissed off that ross seems to be out the door. i saw joe royle getting stick on here recently when he retired over how things went during unsyīs stint. i want success too, but i want it with the knowlege that everton will always remain the pride of merseyside, the peopleīs club, the team my dad brought me to support and his dad before him, the same club i bring my own kids to see. youīre giving a 19 year old lad, whose dream is to play for his beloved blues, stick. get a fucking life mate.

Sorry but if you prefer this to what city are doing you're a lunatic

December 27, 2017, 02:58:52 AM
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Allardyce is shit

Not wrong. Doesn't matter how logsided and in many cases shit our squad is. We've decided we have top 4 ambitions and he's falling short.

I'm genuinely fucking livid he hasn't turned DCL into Kane and Lennon into Salah. Where is our free flowing football.

December 27, 2017, 03:09:23 AM
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fair enough mate. not gonna get into a back and forth on here. itīs pointless. youīd prefer to support a soulless club, with no connection to the city, that wins. canīt complain with that i suppose. what will you do when the support for the club is outweighed by foreigners than locals and the club then decides to go play in london instead  because its more profitable for them to be based there than in liverpool. when the fans in china are more important than the oneīs in the ground. you think thatīs not where the league is headed?? you think money isnīt the driving factor in football these days as it is in the states??  (rhetorical questions of course).

so yeah, maybe i am a lunatic, but iīd still prefer to support everton, in liverpool, where local boys actually have a hope of playing for us, fighting for a european spot than be a sell out club where i canīt get a season ticket and the game per game ticket price is a weeks wages with the ground full of japanese tourists. but thatīs just me. i for one wish tom davies all the best and hope he goes on to win the fucking balon dor, while wearing the blue of everton.

City didn't relocate, Davies won't win the world player of the year. Didn't see any sad city fans when Aguero scored that last minute title decider

I just want to win. I couldn't care less about JJK and Davies if we were playing Alves and Modric in their positions.

December 27, 2017, 06:57:28 PM
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We have no real threat from fullback, no real threat from the wingers, no ball carrying playmaker and no striker. Our entire attack needs ripping out and starting again

December 27, 2017, 07:11:22 PM
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Phew thank fuck for Pickford then eh?

We look defensively good now (though not yesterday) we've bolasie and Coleman to come back. We still need a striker a winger a left back and either barkley or a direct replacement imo though

December 27, 2017, 07:20:07 PM
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You must tone down this positivity .

Im not actually negative about it. Can't wait for the window to open so we can start sorting it.

I think our fans have talked up players who've been dreadfully inaffective and the reality is it's an easy fix with a couple of good signings and a few coming back from injury.

December 27, 2017, 08:22:02 PM
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I have watched a few of your posts and I don't think you give half of the players a chance .How people can cane Sandro and Klaasen beats me ,I don't understand it.

I've never slagged either of them off.

Think both haven't been given a fair chance

It's more DCL, Rooney, Sigurdsson and i guess even Lennon for me

Nowhere near good enough. Not the playmaker we needed though his numbers have been very good. Ridiculous signing. Very good defensively but not good enough in attack

December 27, 2017, 08:36:34 PM
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If you cannot accept Rooney -who is our top scorer -then I am out .

I don't not accept him. I'm just baffled as to how we sign 3 number 10s and end up without a genuine playmaker

I just think we needed different types of player than the 1s we actually signed

I'm really not sure where Sigurdsson or rooney would play if we signed a striker a winger and barkley stayed.

We'd have much more control of games with barkley instead.