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December 31, 2017, 08:09:11 PM
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Basically we have footballers who treat the ball like a hot potato, the money we have spent and as yet they do not seem to be able to keep possession and pass it around like most other teams in the PL.
I realize we have players coming back from long term injury and that they will have to be bedded carefully back into the team. But there seems to be no cohesion to our play at all, or no direction. We are desperate for a playmaker, having supposedly bought four in the summer, a Silva type player ( David or Bernardo )
We used to have two, Pienaar and Arteta during the Moyes years, what I'd give for them scouts /  players today. Because tbh for all the money we have spent, the players we have bought, we are a worse team than we were then, with no money.
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