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January 08, 2018, 06:42:47 PM
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...with James McCarthy that every Everton manager seems to see in him?

Is he what we've been missing in recent matches? No. true no, but with say him and Gueye, if gives us to play a creative/box to box/ball playing midfielder, who i guess wont have to do much tracking / running as McCarthy and Gueye willmake up for it

Is he anything more than an average midfielder? No. again i agree, but if he is average, and Schneiderlin is a Rolls Royce... and i would say over the 4 years McCarthy has put in as good as displays as Morgan has the last year.. I know MS is a better passer, but that McCarthy lacks in passing is made up in determination and continually hunting the ball down.. in his sporadic appearances the last 2 seasons,, he seems to be better at going forwards/finishing too (he has improved)

Can he be depended on? No.agreed again.. lol, but if he can sort out his injuries.. and play consistently..i think we will have a player who is worth what we paid for.

Is he committed to Everton? No. i dont know about this, hopefully he is committed to us more than he is his international team, Every manager as you said wants to see what he is like.. so there must be more to him that we aren't seeing.

We have a better version of him at the club in Gana so why the fuck is he still here? true, i guess he is here cos, he is better than Besic, and Schneiderlin.. different to Davies, I'd rather have Baningime ahead of him, but it is what it is.. he can be better than we we have seen of him so far

sorry devils advocate.
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