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Author Topic: Nevermind who we buy in January, who do we get rid of?  (Read 7687 times)

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January 02, 2018, 10:31:23 PM
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Never Mind Who We Buy in January, Here's the Sex Pistols

January 03, 2018, 10:38:08 PM
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I think our best side looks something like this. Plausible back-ups in parentheses.

GK: Pickford (Robles, Stekelenburg)
RB: Kenny (Coleman starts when fit)
CB: Holgate (Keane)
CB: Williams (Jagielka)
LB: Martina (Baines starts when fit)
DM: Gana (Schneiderlin, Baningime)
CM: Davies (McCarthy)
CM: Rooney (Barkley if he ever plays again)
LM: Bolasie (Sigurdsson)
CF: Calvert-Lewin (Niasse)
RM: Lennon (Vlasic, Lookman)

I think we can safely get rid of the following:

Mirallas - Should never have been re-signed.
Besic - Needs too much work, won't see enough games to get to an appropriate level.
Robles or Stekelenburg - Not that anybody is interested.

If we get a significant offer, I think we should sell:

Klaassen - I don't see a role for him. He does some clever things in the final third but he's too passive overall. Our midfield struggles during build-ups and I don't think we have room for someone who doesn't really show for the ball.
Schneiderlin - It would be a slight risk w/r/t squad depth but if some PL club is willing to pay good money for a "proven" player, we should take it and run. I was a fan of his in the past but he looks awkward in every configuration we've seen this season.
Sandro - I don't think he's actually a centre forward (, I don't think Allardyce knows what to do with him, and I don't think he's settled in England at all. There's no shame in making a profit, even though there might be a good player in there.

And we should probably loan Lookman if there's a mid-table Championship club willing to let him play through his mistakes.
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January 16, 2018, 06:45:40 PM
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Walcott 29 in March
Rooney 33 this year
Jagielka 36 this year
Williams 34 this year
Siguršsson 29 this year
Bolasie 29 this year
Schneiderlin 29 this year
Baines 34 this year
Coleman 30 this year
Gueye 29 this year
Martina 29 this year

Yikes. That is a genuine problem.

If you think this group is uninspiring now, wait until all those soon to be 29 year olds start to decline. Good luck shifting those wages out.
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