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July 04, 2018, 07:55:29 PM
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Nah mate he's just a piece of work with his lack of communications skills only on par with his lack of manners forced on him as a child. He speaks to people like they're pieces of shit and he's not arsed, so they take the piss out of him and he reports them.

I also think what you and I deem as educated are poles apart.
That's ironic. You act like a complete smug self righteous dickhead on here most of the time who cant handel controversial opinions and speak to me shocking with a disableist anti mental health type tone.

You then have the actual gall to question my parents/manners. Both my jobs are working with the public so they are fine thanks.

The fact is you wont engage with anyone who disagrees with you on any issue and your a complete fucking bully.

Now unless you want to discuss Everton/Lookman or consider that mayve you might be out of order....ignore me. You "piece of work". Disableist idiot.

July 05, 2018, 06:40:39 AM
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He's a nice lad and his heart is in the right place but as I say, he revels in being contrarian and has a really bad superiority complex, or at least expresses himself as if he does.

He hammers 2 or 3 points in every single thread, usually around how nobody can see what he can see, and then eventually gets off for a few months.
I made some fair points in this topic about what it said about our club developing youth if AL left, that as usual because of the narrow mindedness, ignorance and intolerance of some on here got peoples backs up because it was said in plain terms.

I could also say I can obviously see a teacher who condones bullying and says sod all when someone is being ostracized simply for having an opinion.

Alls I ask is for other posters to play the ball not the man. @jamokachi being a fair example of this who doesn't always agree with me but it's no big deal. It's quite ironic that the ones who snipe actually have no opinion on anything. They consistently get away with making disableist comments.

Do you or the mods find a "piece of work" or criticising someones parents acceptable on a football forum? In a world where we are trying to be more inclusive or people from all walks of like particularly those with mental/autism spectrum disorder, it's not only disableist to use the term a "piece of work" but the comments of a downright nasty "piece of work"

Would he say that to my face? No. Little keyboard warrior. Then others who support the same club as me say nothing against it.

I have never had any issues with Celtic fans forums or supporters. Ever. In fact the complete reverse. But some of our fans dont like being questioned or debate and just resort to being outright nasty.

It's an important time for our football club. A time for different opinions/ideas and difficult questions and welcoming everybody. Not ostacizing them.

July 05, 2018, 06:43:25 AM
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Thomas has copped a lot of abuse on here which I think is a little unwarranted, he's clearly an educated bloke with strong views on what's needed at Everton in order to take the club forward, not everyone has the same opinion and that's fine as the forum is designed to get people with alternative prospectives to engage in meaningful dialogue, he shouldn't be be abused because of his beliefs. I for one don't agree with all of his opinions, for eg Tom Davies is a young player who I think needs more chances working with a more productive coach before binning him off to West Ham, but Thomas is no mug and shouldn't be treated as one.
Alls I ask is people play the ball, not the man.

As I have said before some of the stuff that is allowed to happen on this forum would not be tolerated on Celtic forums. On there you can disagree or speak plainly without idiots making comments about the quality of your parenting or general abuse.

If Lookman leaves that's a bad vibe for future young players considering joining Everton.

July 05, 2018, 02:27:45 PM
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Yeah but sectarian shite and anti English stuff is fair game so it's swings and roundabouts really isn't it

Fuck Celtic
What has my parents and anti mental health disableist abuse got to do with football?

Are you ok with that?

July 05, 2018, 04:08:25 PM
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The manners comment I agree with and as you well know we deal with everything in private.
Now the latter part, care to point out where because I can't see it at all.

Why do you agree with that? Who is he to question my mothers parenting? Which was first class. What at all has that to do with anything?

The latter part was the 'piece of work' comment which is the most clear example of disableist anti mental health type bile I've ever seen. He's trying to fucking 'other' or ostracize someone or imply someone is losing their sanity. Which is completely ludicrous.

He's a fucking bully.

But time after time after time you guys duck this question.

What does the guy post about Everton? He just throws insults around and is a wind up merchant. He criticizes others for their opinions yet has none of his own.

@Bally have a look at the Macpherson Complex. If someone feels like they are being discriminated against or bullied or ostracized, its usually true. I've consistently maintained this and every moderator has ignored it. Probably because its the easy thing to do.

Just sort it out. I've been on this forum 13 years and I dont expect ludicrous posts or abusive comments to be thrown around towards any of my parents or it implied I'm a lunatic.

July 05, 2018, 04:12:23 PM
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Instead of seeing it through the usual anti-Thomas 'lets do the easy thing and roll with the clique' prism, consider MY FEELINGS on the matter.

He is a bully. What he said is out of order. I'm as entitled as anyone else to come on here, talk about Everton without absolute bile being thrown at me and moderators condoning bullying. @Bally

This all started from me discussing Lookman leaving Everton and what that said about our youth set up. Some questioned that like @Jamokachi but we had no issues discussing that until the forum bully came along.

July 05, 2018, 04:17:00 PM
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Yeah but sectarian shite and anti English stuff is fair game so it's swings and roundabouts really isn't it

Fuck Celtic

The forum has clear rules and guidelines around abuse and sectarianism. They stick to them.

This place doesn't. It lets bullies 'other' people and allows posters to criticize someone's parents in a discussion on an Everton player.

Call yourself Evertonian's? I'd never let another supporter be treated like this. Ever.

Am I taking this personally? Too right I am because I'm not standing for being belittled for trying to articulate how i feel about Everton FC. Everyone else gets the same courtesy and so should I.