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January 09, 2011, 11:42:40 PM
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Gerrards red card means he will miss the Derby now, so 4-4-2 is now much more feasible defensively. 

January 10, 2011, 10:57:55 PM
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 For this game, without Gerrard, it has to be 4-4-2. I think this will give Arteta greater influence as he will have Saha and Beckford to aim at and run onto. They have a dodgy back four and we need to get at them.
Playing 4-4-2 has given Saha the space to shoot from distance as Beckford takes defenders away, it also prevents the opposition defenders from pushing up the pitch as Beckfordís pace from a Saha flick on becomes a worry. Liverpool will try to get Johnson going forward on the flank, to target Neville and Heitinga at the back post with crosses aimed at Kuyt and Torres but we can counter that by asking Saha to move into the space Johnson vacates and look for quick ball on the counter.
We have 4 hard working, all round players in the midfield in Coleman, Arteta, Fellaini and Peanaar. The RS will be dangerous from set pieces and crosses but through the middle they donít pose much threat. I think we can win the battle on the flanks and get some crosses in ourselves, the key for us is to isolate their defenders and have a go at them. If Coleman, Saha, Baines and Pienaar can do this, I think we can drag their defenders away from Beckford.
It is key for Saha to get a shot away early and Coleman/ Baines to have a run at them early too, this will disturb their defense, make them move out of position.
For once, it is they who need the set pieces, outside of this, the Ref of course is a worry given the Kenny factor, we have a few candidates for red cards. We have to stay on our feet. However, I can see their lot getting a bit excited early doors, leaving too much space behind them and I think we can get an early lead, go on from there and win comfortably.