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January 17, 2011, 02:15:31 AM
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with all this negativity i thought ide post my opinions and cheer everyone up lol. Firstly derbies are never easy (not for us anyway) and with the return of king kenny (blah blaah blah) and the kop waffling 'you'll never walk alone'......although mr hodgson certainly did as well as the ref being a homer (i said they'd get a pen) AND us going behind and looking on the ropes, i was actually happy with a point. Way i look at it is without particually playing that well in either derby we've come away with 4 points. Ok it was a missed opportunity to kill em off, but liverpool would maybe feel the same after missing first half chances. In anycase i can watch bbc's biased red opinion knowing were above em and that will do for me. As for you lot, well people are entitled to differant opinions afterall thats what these sites are for, but no need to abuse each other lads, afterall we're all blues right? (or at least should be). Oh and could someone who watched all the game start a ratings thread, always enjoy reading everyones opinions. Ta.

Can't until Si unlocks the forum mate.