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Author Topic: Eliaquim Mangala signs - Confirmed by club  (Read 7880 times)

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February 04, 2018, 02:41:38 AM
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Get him alongside jags in a 4 and we'll see him come good.

Jags gets the best out of anyone alongside him.

Really don't understand why Williams keeps getting a game ahead of Jags.

Although as I said in the matchday thread, the biggest problem is our defence constantly chopping and changing week after week. No one's had a chance to build a proper understanding with each other.

February 04, 2018, 02:51:01 AM
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You think 35 year old jags couldn't do two games in a week, yet he continues to defy people.

Still hasn't lost his pace and has comfortably been our best centre half this season.

Williams should've have had his last game here weeks ago.

Can't remember the game now, it was a few weeks ago but I remember commenting that Jags legs were far from gone when he easily chased a player down and made a challenge. He's still got good pace for 35 year old and for all his early errors in the season he doesn't make half the fuck ups Williams does on the weekly basis.