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Author Topic: [News]Allardyce blames players for Arsenal humiliation  (Read 12385 times)

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February 04, 2018, 05:12:17 AM
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Wow...don't really know where to start with this shower of shit.

One thing is guaranteed, is that these kind of hammerings will keep happening with this team, under this leadership.

So many players not good enough for a top 6-8 prem team, Allardyce has a proven track record of mediocrity and we're continuing our slide into an abyss of averageness.

How we're as high as 10th place is only down to the crap that is below us in the league, although 7 of those teams have conceded fewer goals than us.

We'll stay up this season, but our stock as a club will continue to drop.  We've splashed out crazy money for average players and have sold our best player for a generation for peanuts (not as simple as that, I know).  All the while, we are just unable to deliver.  Porous in defence and no threat up front.

It has got to a stage of accepting mid-to-lower table survival under a second rate manager, with players not fit enough to clean the boots of the best in the premier league.

As I said, we'll be beaten like this again.  There is some quality in this league, at least 6 teams are capable of taking us to the cleaners and the more worrying aspect is that, all the other teams in the PL know that we are there for the taking.  If they attack, they'll get chances and the way our defence is, they are likely to score.

February 04, 2018, 09:31:07 PM
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Could this be a new record in how quick a manager could lose a dressing room?