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Author Topic: Starting not to care anymore...........  (Read 11305 times)

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February 07, 2018, 12:59:12 AM
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I still care. I wouldn't be on here if I didn't.

I've just lost the enthusiasm. With football as much as Everton to be honest. Man City has spent almost three times as much on its defence this season as Cuba spends on its defence in a whole year.

I think the fact that we have money now, something we've been waiting for for so long, and we're just pissing it up the wall kinda makes it worse.

February 07, 2018, 01:18:45 AM
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Adding to this point... we've spent all of that money on what is a very boring team.

It's no surprise that enthusiasm has dwindled for so many.


I'm pissed that we've got a better commercial side and have a plan to improve our turnover in that area yet absolutely zero plan on the playing side.

Moshiri playing to his strengths here but not delegating or making strong, informed decisions on his footballing structure. That's actually the sign of a poor leader, which worries me.

There are blueprints that we could adopt but we're just aimlessly smashing out a short termism approach with no thought about our identity, and where we want to be in three or five years.

This has resulted in an unbalanced squad built on ego and a dull, uncoordinated playing style.

My worry is that it will take three seasons to fix this mess.