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Author Topic: Starting not to care anymore...........  (Read 10145 times)

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February 06, 2018, 11:02:48 PM
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Mayor Farnum

I still care about Everton and I still love match days and keeping an eye on what goes on in here. However, or current plight has removed any joy I may get from other teams good or bad results because we are so poor ourselves. I don't engage in banter with mates who support other clubs because we are defenseless(in more ways that one).
It is that aspect of being a football fan that I am losing interest in.

February 07, 2018, 02:12:41 AM
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Mayor Farnum

What I find most depressing is that everything about us is so predictable. Saturday's result, awful as it was, was hardly a surprise.

If we draw a top four team away in the cup I feel we are out before a ball is kicked.

You go to the game time and time again yet after about ten minutes you know it's going to be a familiar struggle.

We complain about our poor exposure on Sky/BT but when are we ever involved in exciting games for us; let alone a neutral? I'd imagine we get very little interest in our matches from the general public.