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Author Topic: [News]Preparations hampered by Allardyce's thoughtless comments  (Read 5184 times)

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February 07, 2018, 09:13:58 PM
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Incredible to think hes said this while theres still just under a third of the season to go, 36 points up for grabs, and were only 5 points behind Burnley who currently sit in the last likely European qualifying position in the league, and weve still got to play them again as well as other very favourable matches.

Honestly we know hes been given free reign, like the last twat, to do and say as he likes but his soundbites and media musings have been nothing short of scandalous. Its as if hes deliberately antagonising the fans and players at times and nobody either at the club, associated with us the media or in the press are actually prepared to pull him up on it.
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