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February 17, 2018, 10:51:16 PM
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Mayor Farnum

The top six, including Chelsea, want to negotiate their own rights to the overseas market as they feel they are the driving force behind the popularity of the Premier League overseas.

Ironic really when you consider that in the days of Division One Chelsea were the main force that wanted to stop the then big five, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, Spurs and Arsenal, to be stopped from continuing to negotiate TV rights in their favour as Chelsea and the rest of the Football League considered it unfair.

A threatened breakaway led by Chelsea, Sheffield Wednesday, Villa, and QPR would you believe, eventually led to the formation of the Premier League.

I can't help thinking that ourselves and Chelsea have practically swapped places in the football order of things. If only we were as ruthless as Chelsea are when we had the upper hand.
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