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Is that the quickest ban ever??? or is he still here, hopefully not the realist :wanker:

That was fast wasn't it!

Christ he was spreading it about a bit that lad.

His mum is quite similar....... ;D
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July 09, 2018, 09:31:02 PM
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I don't think the players we have are half as bad as you're making out. So no, I'm not worried.

Me neither. The players we have in a different system under a different manager could be very good.

Chill pill time
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July 10, 2018, 03:49:27 PM
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We've been playing below that standard for 4 seasons now, though. Koeman's full season was the closest we came to any sort of form in that period, but even then Lukaku's goals papered over a lot of cracks.

I agree there's some improvement to be gained and a different style should help lighten the mood. But at what stage do we point the finger at the ageing, bloated, stagnant squad rather than the succession of managers trying to get a tune out of them?

After this one. If they're crap under Marco then fair enough

We haven't had an attack minded manager since RM so let's see how they do in a new system with a guy who actually has decent coaching and man management skills.

We're unlikely to break into the top 6 this season anyway so what's the point in bringing in anyone else in unless they're a step up from what we have and we're not really in a position to attract those players currently. Buying more players to finish 7th doesn't make any sense when the current ones can probably do that anyway

We need to trust Silva and Brands. Silva in particular will have had ample time to look at the squad, we need to build and they'll know that.

I personally aren't worried in the slightest, I'm just excited to see how it all pans out on the pitch come August
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July 11, 2018, 02:07:43 AM
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Don't think any of us are saying we're worried, or don't trust these two guys. Just when do we start pointing the finger at the real problem that a lot of people seem to ignore?

Our players aren't good enough. We're miles off the top 6, and slightly better than the rest, and actually falling back closer to "the rest" then moving closer to the top 6(last 4 seasons finishes were 11,11,7,8). A good coach could do what with this squad? finish 7th with 55 ish points? That would probably be it at best with this group of players. I'd be blown away if Silva could do that with the group of players we have right this second.

We need much better players.

That's your opinion and you're entitled to it but I respectfully don't agree.

You say we need much better players but like I said in the previous post we can't attract them at the moment so...........

Our players range for the most part from average to good and a good coach should be able to squeeze every last drop out of them.

I'm happy to see how we perform until January before making any drastic changes as like I say we're unlikely to break top 6 this season anyway
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